Why madhuri dixit is timeless beauty ?

Ek do teen. ...what comes to your mind after heading this energetic song? ...no doubt it's the eye-catching performance of queen of Bollywood Madhuri Dixit nene. In the history of Indian cinema, there are only a few actresses who have experienced equal sometimes more popularity than male costar.

From the '90s to 2021 everyone is mesmerized by her beauty, talent, and mainly by her captivating smile and that's what makes her "timeless beauty ". Madhuri Dixie belongs to the traditional Maharashtrian family, her childhood dream was to be a doctor to help people but eventually, she completed it by tieing knots with a doctor. Since her childhood she was fond of dancing, she learned how to express herself through dancing.

Madhuri is also known as "expression queen" as she knows how to convey lyrics through expressions perfectly. And the base of this built-in her childhood itself. She entered Bollywood at a very young age. She was just 17 when she started her film career from film abudh. Sadly, the movie was not a big hit but her immense innocence made her everyone's favorite. Even after her debut, there was no such hit for her.

She gave back-to-back flops but people loved her performance. Subash Ghai was one of those people. He liked her acting skills and offered her a mega-hit of Bollywood " ram Lakhan " featuring fresh pair of Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor. And after that, there is no turned back for her. She gave back-to-back superhits. Many say , Madhuri used to charge 50 lakh per film which is quite a big amount at that time. But considering her popularity that was fair enough. Talking about Madhuri's controversy, her rumored relationship with costar Sanjay datt was in highlights.

After his wife's demise, a Sanjay can't have seemed serious about Madhuri Dixit, but after the TADA case, Madhuri sided herself from Sanjay Datt and never turned back. Also, there was link-up news of Madhuri and anil but after watching anil with his family Madhuri sided herself. More than link-ups, Madhuri's cold war with Sridevi Kapoor turned many newspapers hot. As we know, two actresses can not be good friends .and this logic applies to two leading actresses of the industry Madhuri and Sridevi. Sridevi has achieved so much in her time and if there is someone who can challenge her popularity is the only Madhuri Dixit. The cold war between both the actress was visible during award shows and parties but none of them accepted this fact. Madhuri is a charmer of her time. Not only her beauty but also dancing skills slowed everyone's mind.

Her performance on the dhak dhak song makes her "dhak dhak girl of Bollywood " Pallu ke pitcher kya hai, o ramaji, change ke khet mein, Dil to Pagal and so many was her famous song. Reports say , after the big hit of " Ek do teen " directors started creating special space in a script just for Madhuri's dance. People still remember many floor films just because of her dance. Creating such a kind of fanbase at that time makes Madhuri extraordinary. At the time when it used to be a man leading industry, marking individual identity was an extremely great task. And that's why she is an inspiration for many young girls who pursue careers in dance. From directors to choreographers, everyone praises Madhuri for her dancing skills. Late Saroj khan who is known as a strict choreographer was impressed by Madhuri's talent and her dedication towards dance.

Madhuri is not only a great dancer but also she is bthe best actress. She proved her acting skills through many films like devdas, beta, tezab. She has tried every kind of role. From little dramatic role in hum aap ke Hein Kaun which is known as the all-time favorite movie to an intense role in Gulab gang. She is the only actress who has worked with both generations. We are talking about the father-son duo Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor. She is one of those actresses who are featured on films poster and have the guts to sell movies in their name individually.
Madhuri is a brave actress because she dropped her career at its peak, to make her house a home. And shattered many fan’s hearts by her decision to left India and to shift America. She wanted to give proper upbringing to her two sons and somehow that’s the right decision by mother’s side that the separation of Madhuri and her fans were for a small interval of time, soon she shifted back to India and gave comeback through Yash raj film ” chance pe dance”.

After that, she was spotted in films like Gulab gang, total dhamal, and kalank. She is running her dance app and also she is been a favorite judge for many dance reality shows. Recently, she made her debut in the Marathi film industry through a bucket list. She is 56 years old now, but due to her healthy lifestyle and extreme positivity, she still can give complexity to a 25-year-old girl. She is beautiful inside out and that’s what makes her timeless beautiful. She has seen many ups and downs in her career but had faced everything bravely with a miscellaneous smile and that smile is making our heart dhak and it will surely going to continue till the end of an era.

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