Goa had been the under the influence of the Portuguese for over 450 years over the 17
century goa was under their rule. The rule was the same as the British rule all over India and
therefore had their way of life and culture and other everything influenced by the Portugal
way and indeed left a footprint on this resplendent coastal part of India. Similarly,
Pondicherry was also ruled by the Portuguese but that is how Pondicherry got evolved in the
Portugal influence. The goan culture their traditions and their cuisine are all inspired and
influenced by the Portuguese. Now let’s take a look at the influence goa and Pondicherry
sustained due to the arrival of Portuguese: –
GOA: – When it comes to goa the beaches and goa sound synonymous. As been the coastal
beauty of India is widely known for its serene beaches, the Portuguese inspired beautiful
churches, its ultimate cuisine, the beach parties, casinos, night life and the different heritage
sites is what makes goa a must visit.
• THE GOAN BEACHES: – There are numerous beaches in goa as it’s the coastal corner
of India. The serene beaches are the biggest attractions of goa. You are bound to find
a beach on each alternate spot you want to stop and enjoy the beautiful beaches. All
the beaches are equally beautiful and peaceful to sit and relax by. In that to name a
few which are exceptionally amazing and a must to visit by are the Candolim Beach,
Calangute Beach, Baga Beach and the Palolem Beach are the beaches with beautiful
shacks and great night lives to celebrate with beautiful scenic views. Among them the
Cola Beach, Cabo de rama Beach and the Arambol Beach are the literal beaches to
explore the solitude and are the most secluded beaches with beautiful views and the
best spots to click the memories forever. To name another few of the famous beaches
are the Vagator Beach, Don Paula Beach, Morjim beach and so on.
• CHURCHES OF GOA: – At the first there were around 60 churches in goa but till now
only 7 of them are existing. At the center of old Goa, the famous Se De Santa
Catarina church is situated which was built around the 17th century during the reign
of the Portuguese. The Cathedral has a Golden bell which is biggest among all the
churches in goa and the beautiful ancient paintings inside the churches makes it a
must visit church. Among the others which catch a huge tourist attraction are the
Bom Basilica de Jesu, St. Cajetan church, Jesuit church and the Xavier’s church are the
ones with a beautiful façade and decorum having the ancient representations
through their architecture. The Portuguese influence can clearly be seen in these
churches and are worth to pay a visit.
• THE GOAN CUISINE: – The goan cuisine is the most cosmopolitan cuisines clearly
inspired by the Portuguese as they literally carry the Portuguese cuisine names for
the food they serve. The Portuguese existence can be seen mainly through the
catholic food preparations like xacuti, cafreal, calderiada, keshre,squids, prawn
balchao, racheido and feijoada. These are the food names which many of us might
have never heard of so to fulfill the curiosity the delicious food cuisines of goa are
worth a try. If you really want to experience the authentic goan cuisine you need to

visit the Britto’s, Viva panjim, nostalgia and many other to taste the delicious
mouthwatering food of goa.
• THE GOA CARNIVAL: – Goa carnival is the most famous and well-known carnival and
attracts a huge tourist attraction from all over the world. The carnival has been
celebrated since 18th century. The significance of the carnival is to celebrate as an
abstinence of lent. This festival is indeed unique and exclusive only to goa as it was
introduced by the Portuguese. The carnival celebrations begin with huge parades
along with the state’s bands, floats and dances with the parades encouraging the
huge crowd to participate along and the celebrations goes on till night, which
conclude on a note of only partying the way around. The final days festivities are
worth the wait at the carnival with the famous red and black dance held by the club
national in Panjim. So, the goa carnival is something which has continued since the
Portuguese rule and is always included in the goa tour packages.
• AUROBINDO ASHRAM: – The sri Aurobindo ashram is an ashram which is run by
some spiritual community disciples. As the name itself suggests that the place is very
peaceful to visit. This particular ashram has worked wonders to put Pondicherry into
the recognition on the world map. This place is to be visited by the spiritual lovers to
understand and experience the life’s work and to give reverence by sri Aurobindo’s
• AUROVILLE: – This is known to be a small township which was built by Mirra Alfassa
in 1968 also known as the mother and the spiritual collaborator of sri Aurobindo. The
aim behind building this township was of unity i.e., to bring people from all the
nationalities together so they could live in peace and harmony. Here people from
every background are always welcomed. At the center of the Auroville is the ‘soul of
the city’- the famous matrimandir known as the yoga center. That center orb is
entirely made up of gold and is of the spiritual significance to the one’s who practice
yoga. This is the most visited place in Pondicherry for the spiritual retreat.
• SWAMLIMALAI HILLS: – This are the most amazing and serene hills located in the hill-
station of Yelagiri, it is an amazing 3km trek and assures you with some amazing hill-
top scenic views. The climbing up the mountains is the best way for an adrenaline
rush. The mountains offer cool breezes as well as the beautiful flowers and green
plush trees which indeed makes the trek peaceful and worthy.
• KOTAGIRI- THE STUNNING WATERFALL: – If you are looking for some extra
adventure and wonder then a visit to the most extravagant waterfall would come
true at Kotagiri offers the wide ranges of waterfalls in south India. The wonderous
waterfall and the tea stalls just by the corner as well as the cool breeze are just the
perfect combinations all together at the waterfalls.
• ISKCON TEMPLE: – ISKCON Pondicherry temple is a community of Krishna followers
who are entirely dedicated and revere the bhakti yoga and what to spend and live
their life on the principles of lord Krishna. ISKCON- INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR
KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS which was a worldwide movement for spirituality. The
temple is the shear piece of art and the visit to the temple on the Sunday feast is a

must. People spend the time chanting the prayers and believe in the bliss and in the
presence of god. Kirtans, Chanting, drumming and spiritual discourse goes on.
So this was all about Pondicherry and goa and the total influence of the Portuguese on
them ad how it makes the two places a must visit for the travellers.

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