Types of blogging.

blog is like a journal where you can write or post your daily activities on a regular basis. The term blog is the short-term for web log. Blogging is the act of adding, writing and maintaining a blog. Business’s have blogs to announce company news, online business make a living online from their blog there is travel blogs as there are numerous ways to set up a blog. Blogging is an evolving thing and can be used for anything.
Types of Blogs:
There are several types of blogs. These are the following:

• Personal blog – . This is defined as the online diary or journal, where you can post your poem and other literature pieces.
• Cultural blog – it discusses all music, arts, theater and other popular culture.
• Topic blog – it focuses on the function like some of the search engines present now. Some writers who want to write about something unknown can use it.
• Business blog – this talk about the stock market and other business related topics. It is also used to promote businesses, to talk about economics in forum type and manage information.
• Science blog – it is the mode used to disseminate information and data.
• mob blog – it contains all the information from a mobile phone.
• Collaborative blog – this kind of blog is written by two or more writers.
• Eclectic blog – it focuses on niches individually or collaboratively made.
• Educational blog – this is used by students to record the things they learned from their teacher including the activities done in a day.
• Directory blog – It focuses on particular news and happenings.
• Forum blog – it functions as an internet forum. It allows two or more bloggers to post a discussion on the net.
• Spam blog – this is a form of persuasive advertising. Commonly known for the name
splogs. It is characterized by the use of bold letters and self-claim advertisements.
• Travel blog- person writes about the places they travel , their experience and article.
• Fashion – fashion blog is related trending fashion , outfits and things related to fashion.
Here is how to follow the Basics About Blogging to know

  1. There are many blog available online that offers free blog posting known as guest blog posting.
  2. You can blog in private and in public. Many blog offers a blog that contains a password, only a few can read your blog known as membership blogs. You can also post on a blog that can be read by anyone.
  3. You can write your own blog and publish it afterward for anyone in the world to see.

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