When love is in the air the romantic getaways are always on the mind. Taking a voyage to
the most amazing and romantic holiday destinations in the world is what all the lovie-dovies
do when they are in love. Let it be valentine’s day or a honeymoon getaway the world is
filled with these stunning destinations to spent with your loved ones. Let’s take a sneak-peek
through the list of the destinations to be visited for an atmosphere filled with romance:

. BALI: Titiyang tresna sareng ragane
What to do in Bali: – booking a night in the Ubud hanging gardens hotel alongside
the beautiful Panoramic Deluxe Pool Villa will leave you wanderlust because of the
wonderful scenic view to enjoy with the chill of the poolside sitting.
Why is it romantic: – Bali offers immense serenity as well as privacy to the romantic
couples and make them feel as if they are the only ones living in the world for the
moment falling in love with each other multiple times as it is accessible to other
beautiful islands and countries in Asia too.
Romantic count of Bali: – 5/5
When to go: – you can visit whenever in a mood of a romantic getaway and to
announce a marriage proposal to your spouse. It’s a perfect destination for the
couples together by confessing “I do” in Bali.

  1. EASTER ISLAND: – Hanga rahi au kia koe
    What to do in Easter island: – watching the romantic sunset behind the Maoi at
    Hanga Roa they are basically the human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people.
    Why is it romantic: – as said in the above paragraph sunsets are always romantic and
    memorable that too in addition to it you get the chance to view the sunset with your
    loved one right from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This is what it makes the must
    visit destination on your list.
    Romantic count: – 3/5
    When to visit: – this is the perfect holiday destination for the couples who have a
    bucket list to discover and explore each part of the world together.

BANGKOK, THAILAND: Phom rak khun; chan rak khun
What to do in Bangkok: explore the temples and cruising in a Tuk-Tuk, take in the
local culture at the street markets and also experience the mind-blowing view of the
multiple skyscrapers surrounding and decorating the entire destination with its
Why is it romantic: – this exotic city which never rests and never stops to attract its
visitors by indulging them in the local flavors at the street markets and shops and
also trying the mouth-watering delicacies at the fancy restaurants. At the end of the
day for sone mind and body enrichment you and your loved one can have a relaxing
Thai massage to get you perfectly ready for a romantic cruise on the Chao Phraya
Romantic count: – 4/5
When to visit: – when you want a mixture of the big city dazzling nightlife along with
loads of culture.

    WHAT TO DI IN PARIS: – Take a stroll through the dream city and sense each and
    every pulse of the city. Also indulge your sweet tooth at one of the most well-known
    patisseries dotted around the cobbled lanes. Then after that there is a special temple
    called as temple of love where you and your loved one can share a kiss! It is believed
    from ages that couples who kiss at the temple have a stronger love and relationship
    Why is it romantic: – as everyone knows it is Paris the city of love and love and just
    love! according to many movies the city is set as an example of love and romance.
    Romantic count: – 5/5
    When to visit: – this marvelous city can be visited and explored at any time of the
    year whenever you feel like visiting with your loved one
    WHAT TO DO IN USHUAIA: – When you have the utmost desire to visit the end of the
    world only with your loved one then Ushuaia is the best and only option the couples
    should opt for. Visit the famous Eclaireurs Lighthouse and store this memory with
    your loved one forever.
    Why is it romantic: – Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the whole world, at the tip
    of Argentina. It is said to be the perfect holiday destination for couples who have
    embarked on the journey for exploring the outdoors as well as the end of the world
    together. It has numerous activities for the couples to perform along with an
    amazing scenery to enjoy.
    Romantic count: – 5/5
    When to visit: – when you are perfectly ready to explore and go through the end of
    the world with you loved one then is the right time to visit Ushuaia.
    So whenever you decide onto some romantic getaway consider these top
    destinations on your list and make sure to visit them.

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