Let it be any industry or any field of life, revolution and development are bound to take
place. Revolution and development go hand and hand and create a cycle in years and
decades to come. Now the question arises that how does the revolution and development
take place? There are many crucial reasons and activities that bring this change. Let’s
consider the main reasons that bring about this change in the travel industry. The things that
matter the most in the travel industries flourishment is the strategies, blog, vlogs, influencers
and basically the technology at a whole which creates the most impact on the popularity as
well as the revolution of the travel industry. Travel influencers and bigger personalities are
the ones who forfend the travel industry. Now concerning about the popularity of India in
travel industry is has always been the most well-known tourist destination all over the world.
During the celebration of the 73rd
Independence Day, our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
had addressed the nation while underlining the fact that India has always been the tourist
attraction which has “much to offer” and is a huge contributor to the tourism industry.
He stressed on the point that how the government has been focusing on the travel industry
since 2002 with the grand launch of campaign named Incredible India Campaign. The World
Economic Forum’s (WEF) travel and tourism competitiveness index India has consistently
made a growth from 65th position in 2013 to 40th position in 2017. Talking about the direct
contribution of the Travel & Tourism to the GDP in 2017 has been a staggering Rs. 5.94 lakh
crore which is approximately 3.3 percent of GDP. The prediction has been that it will increase
to 7.1 per annum to reach Rs. 12.67 lakh crore in 2028.
The tourism industry has generated about 26,148,000 job opportunities in 2017,
which accounts to 5% of total employment, which grew by 2.8 percent in 2018
bringing the count of job availabilities to 26,883,000. Now the job opportunities
basically include hotels, travel agents, airlines (pilots, air hostess and staff) and any
other passenger transportation services including the cab, rickshaw and bus drivers
etc. it also includes the activities of restaurants and leisure activities like spa, salons,
and many more industries which are directly dependent and supported by the
tourists. According to the recent consensus the growth of direct jobs is expected to
increase at 2.1 per annum over the next ten years and would account for almost
33,195,000 jobs by 2028.

  1. The main support system in the flourishment of the travel industry has been
    our honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi. He is the key ambassador
    in promoting all the tourism initiatives. He has not only focused on bringing
    the foreign visitors but have also promoted the domestic visitors. The
    responsible ministry on Tourism has renewed its new National Tourism Policy
    and took measures aiming at creation of more job opportunities and also
    increasing the country’s share in global tourism market.
  2. India has also planned to launch Incredible India 2.0 campaign. According to
    the recent official data foreign tourists visiting India has surged from 8.80

million in 2016 to 10.56 million in 2018. Most arrivals are linked to search of
jobs. Tamil Nadu tops the chart followed by Maharashtra and Delhi in terms
of the tourist attractions.

  1. Governments have been focusing on many strategies in the last few years and
    have taken every step to flourish and revolutionize the travel industry. One of
    them by attracting the Chinese tourists. According to the population of china
    around 14 crore citizens go on travel every year with only 2.5 lakh arrive in
    India so to increase to at least 1 percent of total tourists that will stand to 14
    lakh Chinese coming to India. Apart from this the Government is also focusing
    on the tourists from Russia, Gulf countries, and South East Asia apart from
    United States and Europe. These countries have a huge potential and will give
    a major boost to the travel industry.
  2. Swadesh Darshan Scheme, an Integrated Development of theme-based
    tourist circuits was launched as the flagship scheme of Ministry of Tourism for
    Development of Travel infrastructure in the country. Under this they are
    building the infrastructure, national culture and focusing on the strong points
    of each region and developing the theme-based circuits. The theme-based
    circuits are identified under the scheme which includes Buddhist Circuit,
    coastal circuit, desert circuit, eco circuit, heritage circuit, Himalayan circuit,
    Krishna circuit, Ramayana circuit, tribal circuit, wildlife circuit, rural circuit.
    Pilgrimage rejuvenation and spiritual heritage augmentation drive (PRASAD)
    is another scheme under which 41 religious cities in 25 states have been
    identified for development.
  3. Government has also taken initiatives of organizing the road shows to
    promote tourism along with the collaboration with different stakeholders. The
    online technology also helps to create popularity through the ‘Incredible India
    Helpline’ which guides the tourer during their stay. Also launch of e-visa has
    helped a lot of people from different countries reducing their time of
  4. There is adage in Indian tradition “Athithi Devo Bhava” which means guest of
    gods and India has progressively made efforts to prove this saying by making
    the tourism industry huge. The foreigners get to experience the unique Indian
    hospitality because of all the homestays and other developments in the
    tourism industry.
    Due to all the advancements as well as developments in the initiatives there
    have been a huge surge in the travel industry with all the options made
    accessible to the tourists visiting India and India has indeed made it sure to
    satiate the tourists with amiability and hospitality. The tourism industry will
    go on flourishing in the future too with some new advancements and
    revolutions in the industry.

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