India is known to be a house to an enormous number of hidden treasures. It is said that there
are far too many exotic places in India which are almost very tough for you to find, only the
avid travelers and explorers can find these places out of immense curiosity and eagerness to
visit these beautiful places which are still untouched by the modern technology and
civilizations and are still in their purest form. Let’s take a snippet through the far more
hidden gems of India that are still unknown to many:

A trip to Meghalaya consists of redundant famous places to be visited by the
travelers due to the immense beauty of Meghalaya. It indeed needs an itinerary
planned to decide on these amazing places. While planning on to the itinerary don’t
forget to include and stop by at Laitmawsiang, a quaint village in East Khasi Hills, to
go and get enlightened by the unforeseen garden caves. Visiting this village makes
you feel like visiting the fantasy world as the place consists of the most enchanting
small waterfalls and rivulets, ponds, water works all in the arms of the nature making
it a perfect picturesque location and immense peace from the daily chaos of our life.

Whenever you hear goa the only locations that you can think about are the blue
beaches and the beach shacks and casinos altogether. But once you land in goa head
to a different locale instead. The travelers will get immense joy in visiting the cultural
hotspots of Goa. Start from the green valleys which lead you to the immense
serenity. In fact, you visit the rock cut Arvalem caves in Goa and get to know the
historical background they possess. There is a mythological importance of the cave, it
is said that it was a hideout of the Pandavas during their exile. These facts make it a
place to be really treasured throughout

If you are on vacation just for the sake of relaxation and unwinding through the daily
routine, then Halflong in Assam is the most recommended place. It is a natural lush
paradise interspersed with the pure air to breathe in. There is absolutely nothing that
you would not like in the terms of relaxing and relishing the peace by sipping on hot
cup of chai and sit comfortably in your balcony of your accommodation to literally
breathe in the refreshing ambience of the Halflong while praising the lakes besides.

There is literally no dearth of the amazing trekking trails when you decide to travel to
the north. Many of us purposely plan to only go on these adrenaline rush treks in the
north, from that the Himalayas and travelers with raging blood have managed to
explore some brilliant trekking trails in Uttarakhand. One of them been Chopta which
literally show-offs its snow-capped trekking expeditions. The excursion camps vary
from minimal to long ones, you get to decide on to which ones you are inclined to.
Taking lengthy routes by camping at Tungnath and Chandrashila. By residing in some
local villages on the way to relax and enjoy the serenity and beauty altogether.

Murud’s popularity come from its well-known and strong marine fort, Janjira. It is
indeed known by the name of Murud, Janjira. This fort is literally balanced atop the
water body that connects to the Arabian sea, just wondering about the place can
give an idea that how astounding beauty Murud, Janjira is. It is growing towering
structure by the shores of a quaint town making it the treasured places to be visited
in Maharashtra. The thing that makes it a treasured gem is because of the
interesting feature of holding a salt water tank in its premise, which indeed is an
addition to the already attracting place.

When it comes to Tamil Nadu people tend to get attracted to Pondicherry or
Kanyakumari. However, one of the lesser known and hidden delights of the state’s
tourism comes from the small town of Tharangambadi which is a once established
Danish colony. There is fort named Dansborg perched atop the coastal space is a
literal bliss. You would be fascinated by the serenity of the locale and amazed by the
robust structure made of out of different beige hues.
So, there are many go-to-go destinations which are literally jaw-dropping with its
immense beauty and its hidden features which makes them more explorable. The
travelers only have to make an effort of searching these hidden gems in India.

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