The girl on train : Review

On 26 February 2021 Netflix released the thriller compact movie ” The Girl on the Train ” staring beautiful and talented pareeniti Chopra. As soon as the movie entered, many netizens started trolling the movie. So, we thought let’s figure out what exactly the movie is all about?

This Hindi version of The Girl on the Train is inspired by a Hollywood film with the same name “The girl on the train ” having Emily blunt as main lead which is based on Paula Hawkin’s novel. We can see Adity Rao hyadari and Kirti Kulhari along with pareeniti in the movie directed by Ribhu Dasgupta.

Talking about its storyline, it is about three individuals’ life which by destiny crosses each other’s path and left us with a thriller ending. But somewhere, The Hindi version of the girl on the train is not able to mark those standards of an excellent storyline. There are many faults in the movie. Starting from casting, though pareeniti Chopra is an excellent actor however she is not fit for that character. We are not able to understand, why the director has used so much makeup on pareeniti’s face to show her as an alcoholic and person affected by divorce. It’s making her character abnormal and raises the question is it normal nowadays to walk on the street, train by wearing extra and dangerous make-up!

The story of the film focus upon Meera played by pareeniti Chopra, who is leaving in London and enjoying her married life with Shekar. Initially, the movie shows, pareeniti trapped in the murder case of an African man. Lately, she proved herself not guilty and make sure real murderer Jimmy Bagga gets punished. After that, the movie turns into a happy side where meets gets pregnant but sadly faces miscarriage due to a car accident. This incident broke down meets and to face this she starts drinking alcohol. Day by day, she became an alcohol addict and creates a mess in her happy family with her own hands.

Many times she gets involved in unnecessary fights because of her addiction and the sad part is she forgets everything on next morning. Shekhar her husband try to handle her but ends up divorcing her. Now, Meera has no one, no family, and no job hence she starts traveling by train but here her look somehow distracts the audience from normal life and it seems over than the demand of the story. Coming back to the story, now Meera’s daily routine is to travel across London and to watch strangers.

During her journey, she used to saw one girl named Nusrat played by Aditi Rao Hydari. Meera starts observing her, Nusrat’s happy life makes meera jealous of her. Maybe meera tries to see her life in Nusrat’s life as she was having everything that meera wanted in her life. One day, meera saw Nusrat hugging someone else on her balcony and the way she was hugging him clears he is not just a friend! Meera felt angry after seeing Nusrat cheating on her husband and decides to bash her for being disloyal to her partner. Meera angrily moves towards Nusrat’s house and found it locked. She tries to find her and ended up spotting her nearby forest and then she runs towards her and then the movie turns to the next scene where meera is on bed having an injury on her forehead and now she forgets everything that happened last night.

After this, we meet the new character of the film Kaur who is a lady officer, and this character is played by kitty Kulhari, who starts the investigation of a case of the murder of one lady, and eventually, it turns Nusrat. Here on another side, meera genuinely trying to figure out what happened last night. During the investigation, Kaur comes to know meera angrily went to Nusrat’s house and thus it makes meera the main suspect of murder.

Now, the question comes who killed Nusrat? Is meera murder? Or there is someone else who is taking advantage of Meera’s condition? As it is a thriller drama we don’t want to spoil your mood by disclosing suspense, do that you can watch the full movie which is available on Netflix.

What is the USB of Hindi films? Songs, right? But who says it is necessary to put songs in between intense scenes. The movie includes four songs and one of them is sung by pareeniti choora. She is a melodious singer and attracts everyone with her voice in the song matlabi yariyan.

It was totally disturbing and distracts viewers from the story plot. There is a girl who is alcoholic and has the habit of staring at many people through her journey, one day founds one woman dead in between forest which she is used to staring regularly. And wait a minute, let me tell you she is having issues in remembering things, quite similar to memory loss makes the whole story interesting. Now, who is the killer? For this answer, you have to watch the whole film if you have that much guts to tolerating parineeti Chopra, over makeup, unnecessary songs, and mainly poor direction of Ribhu Dasgupta. Or we suggest you watch the original girl on the train or better read a book for experiencing an amazing thriller story.

But yes, if you still want to watch the girl on the train you can watch it for an amazing performance of Adit Rao Hydari and kitty kulhari and off course! For the quite surprising end.

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