Snow is a word which itself gives chilling vibes and all the numbness of the hands and feet
and redness of the flowy nose. Snow is only linked to having fun and playful time whether it
be a small child or even the adults the craze of playing with snowballs, making the cute and
adorable snowmen out of it is what everyone enjoys every time they witness snow. And if
you are anything like me you would also like devour upon some ice because seeing so much
of snow altogether makes it irresistible no to eat the ice. As witnessing snow in India is what
everyone eagerly waits for especially the ones who have always seen the ice only in their
refrigerators. Yes, it is indeed a dream come true when you first time witness the snow
through your eyes that to in the most awaited seasons of snow in India.
Snow in India is witnessed only in some part of the country i.e., the northern states of the
country experience some amazing bouts of snow especially in the winter season i.e., starting
from November nearing towards the New year in December is when the snowfall is more
and goes until the spring season till March wherein there is some beautiful amount of snow
sprinkling around the areas. So, let’s go and have a look at the amazing snowy destinations
of India where snowfall is guaranteed with all the mesmerizing views along with it which will
never disappoint anyone who is having the trip to see the snowfall for the first time. Let’s go
through it together, shall we?

    Manali in Himachal Pradesh is the most popular destination to witness the blanket of
    snows covering the mountains all over with a perfect view for all the tourist
    attractions which are attracted every year from all over the world to enjoy the snow
    and the mountain terrains and the chill vibes with a cup of hot tea. The month of
    November is the bringer of the snow in Manali. The best way to enjoy the snow in
    Manali is by either booking a mountain facing homestay and enjoy the col
    mesmerizing weather or either roam around the artsy cafes and other different
    temples of Manali. The sport and adventure enthusiasts have a great option of the
    Solang valley where skiing is the most awaited activities available. Manali is known
    for its snowy mountains and also for their native drinks which you might enjoy in the
    cold chilling weather to keep you warm.
    A holiday in Mussoorie sounds really very exciting and adventurous. The mountain
    hamlet is entirely covered in snow starting from the Himalayan range of doon valley
    and Shivalik ranges and offers a wide range of sightseeing over the mesmerizing
    deep valleys followed by some sporty treks. Mussoorie in Uttarakhand is worth
    visiting in mid -December and mid-February where in you will witness a lot of
    snowfall. Mussoorie offers some endless shopping opportunities while taking an
    enriching stroll through the mall road of Mussoorie. Mussoorie also has a tourist
    attraction for the Lal tibba camel’s back road. Mussoorie is a perfect holiday
    destination with the mountains and the city offering enormous adventures to visit for
  4. Shimla is the capital as well as the largest city of Himachal Pradesh. The popularity
  5. and the snowfall at Shimla are never going to disappoint you as it is the most visited
  6. and choice of a lot of Indian visitors every year. With the season of snowfall starting
  7. from mid-December to mid-February. Shimla is known for its beautiful snow-clad hills
  8. and mystical wood surrounding the hills attracting a lot of trekkers to the spot. Apart
  9. from the green pastures and hills you can also enjoy a heritage walk through the
  10. Victorian era architectures and also through the special bazaars that Shimla offers to
  11. the tourists. Shimla is a great destination for a family vacation as there are many
  12. places to explore along with family members and make the trip worth.
  14. Apart from making snowmen and snowballs in the snowy region’s destinations like
  15. Gulmarg in Kashmir snow has an important role to for the skiers who love skiing
  16. around as it is the most awaited part of the season. It is widely-acclaimed destination
  17. for skiing wherein people from around the world visit for the best skiing experience
  18. with best slopes and India’s highest and longest cable car projects called Gulmarg
  19. Gondola. The best time to visit Gulmarg for skiing is mid-January to late February and
  20. it is open for both beginners as well as the professional level skiers. This is what
  21. makes Gulmarg the popular tourist attraction amongst all.
  23. Auli just stands in the second place to Gulmarg. Auli in Uttarakhand is a perfect
  24. destination to witness snowfall, skiing and snowboarding in India all at the same
  25. time. January to February is the best snowfall time in Auli and is the most preferred
  26. destination by visitors for its longest cable car rides starting from the Joshimath. It
  27. offers some panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks interestingly also of the second
  28. highest peak that is Nanda Devi. So Auli is the best place for most of the snowy
  29. memories while skiing and snowboarding along the mountains.
  30. Here’s to the chilling vibes and most awaited winter seasons in India which you will
  31. definitely enjoy with all your heart.

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