Spiti valley is one of the Himachal Pradesh valleys and is indeed a dream of every traveler.
Why? because Spiti is stunning and an impeccable paradise that everyone would love to
explore. The aura of the Spiti valley lies in its pristine glacier lakes, world’s highest villages
and its beautiful monasteries and deserts is what makes it a gorgeous place to visit once in a
lifetime. It is said that travelling through the Spiti valley is the closest you could get to the
Shangri-la. Spiti offers some incredible landscapes with some unimaginable altitudes. Other
than the perched monasteries with the beautiful view of the blue skies and lakes Spiti offers
some amazing decorations signaling the onset of the festivals celebrated in the Spiti valley.
Also, you might witness the amazing Chakhar mela at the end of September. Due to all these
aspects of the valley Spiti makes and amazing road- trip destination with an added bonus of
such incredible offerings once you get there. So, let’s take a quick look at the other
attractions of the Spiti valley: –
➢ DHANKAR LAKE HIKE: The lake has a beautiful monastery built around it with mud
and earth stands outlining against the transparent blue skies. At the monastery you
get a brief visit with the lamas. The hikers have to ascend a 3km steep hike uphill
through the barren hills with the incredible view of the snow-clad peaks to the
Dhankar lake. An advice for the hikers of carrying the hiking sticks through the
loosely packed pebbles and sand spread on the hills might be of a little help for them.
The Spiti-pin rivers confluence and the Manerang peak give the spectacular views
during the hike making it more memorable amidst the bleak hills.
➢ EXPLORE THE PIN VALLEY: Spiti’s largest lush green spread is the Pin Valley
surrounded with some towering tall mountains and the barren landscape. While
driving through the rock structured tarmac to the Shangri-la in the valley you will
witness the incredible pattern of the nature with lush-green pastures against the
snow-capped mountains with the backdrop the clear blue skies. Thick trees alongside
the cold waterfalls around the solitary villages mark a scenic view with the rambling
Pin river literally providing a perfect shot for the postcards.
Concerning about the Tibetan culture visibly clear through the valley, this area is
highly renowned as the home to the last surviving Buchen Lamas from Buddhism’s
oldest Nyingmapa sect. Dropping in at the Kungri Monastery in Sangam to visit the
mystic lamas along with that to explore the ‘Buchen lama dance’ that is said to drive
evil out of the village. Discovering the last village Mudh full of the green fields and
glaciers at the same time with lasting impressions of stunning landscape leaving you
with memories of the Pin valley.
The drive from the Kaza takes you through the most barren mountains with some
lovely patches of green farmlands. The first stop is at the most inhabited village in
the world that is Langza known for its location it offers some of the best views with
some unclaimed fossils. Along with a spectacular view of the Chau Chau Kang Nilda
peak above the mean sea level. Stopping for a moment in Hikkim for a cuppa with

the postmaster of the highest office. Buying some postcard on your way to Komic. It
offers some fabulous vistas from its ancient monasteries as well.
➢ BEST TIME TO VISIT SPITI: Spiti is in its most amazing look in the months of June and
the mid-September with the high snow bounded regions open and also the
temperature being mild enough for you to not wear a sweater. The beautiful villages
of the Kibber, Langza and Komic offer a panoramic view of the lush green fields.
Expect regular snowfall intervals between October and right through the march s the
winters become quite harsh with freezing temperature with almost everything
becoming inaccessible, so the winters are not really a good option to travel to Spiti.
➢ BEST PLACES TO STAY: 1. Hotel Dewachen Retreat, Tabo

  1. Sakya Abode, Kaza
  2. Hotel Deyzor, Kaza
  3. Snow lion, Kaza
  4. Lara homestay, Langza
    ➢ WHAT TO EAT: The food in Spiti is a mixture of the Nepalese, Tibetan and Himachal
    Pradesh cuisines together. You can find the famous delicacies like Thukpa, Momo’s,
    and chow Mein anywhere you visit. But other than you can also have the normal dal-
    rice, parathas, and curries as well. Cafes in the valley are only present in some spots
    and not in the remote areas. Trying out the famous Nepalese restaurant near
    German bakery in Kaza they serve the amazing mushroom momos and Thukpa.
    ➢ THINGS TO CARRY: Packing good comfortable walking shoes and a spare shoes of
    hiking boots. Warm sweaters and thick jackets with gloves for the winter. Along with
    the backpack and water bottles for the trips. Mainly the sunscreen and sunglasses as
    you are going to be close to sun.
    All about the Spiti valley is most attracting and fabulous in its own way and should
    be visited once in a lifetime to explore the unimaginable parts of our world.

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