n India. Let’s take a look at these beauty statements of nature: –
• SHIVANASAMUDRA FALLS: – this waterfall is located in the state of Karnataka and
almost 130km from Bangalore, and it easily accessible by road. As you start with the
drive through Bangalore the nature and its beauty start itself through the view’s
mountain views and greenery on both the sides of the road while you make an entry
through the road. The waterfall is situated along the river Kaveri and the river splits
and falls into two separate places known as Ganganchukki and Bharachukki. These
falls offers some breath-taking views and has a width of 305 meters and a height of
98 meters. The best time to visit the waterfall is from September to January. As the
waterfall is in it’s full splendid look in the rainy season. You can also enjoy the
activities like boating in the circular boats which takes you to the stunning waterfalls.
The marvelous view that you experience when you see the waterfall through the cliff
is stupendous and memorable with all the chilling and soaked memories in the waterfall.

• DUDHSAGAR WATERFALLS: – Dudhsagar waterfalls is the famous waterfall situated
in Goa and is known to be the tallest waterfalls in India with height of 320 meters
and average width of 30 meters. The huge series of waterfall with white water is
known as the Sea of milk. Its also a good option for the trekkers. There is a starting
check point wherein you have to book a jeep which will give you a ride through the
waterfall. It is a four-tiered waterfall which is located on the Mandovi river and will
be hypnotized by the sheer beauty of the waterfall as well as the nature surrounding
it. Dudhsagar became popular when it was featured in the blockbuster movie
“Chennai Express”. The best time to travel to this white-water sea is in mostly
between October and January

ATHIRAPALLY WATERFALLS: – This is the waterfall located on the Chalakudy river in
the Thrissur district of Kerala. One of the most spectacular views of south India and is
known to be the largest waterfall in Kerala. During the monsoon i.e., June to August
drive to the waterfall through the lush greenery with all the fog accompanying
throughout is the most eye-catching experience. Once you get the ticket walk
through the large woods and enjoying the waterfalls chilling vibes which falls from a
height of 25 meters and width of 100 meters. This waterfall is immensely famous due
to its casting in the blockbusters films like “GURU” where the song ‘Barso re megha
megha’ was shot featuring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the other most famous
movie “BAHUBALI’’ has been shot in the same waterfall. To enjoy this scenic
waterfall, you might choose the date between September and January.

CHITRAKOTE WATERFALLS: – It is indeed named as the Asia’s largest and widest
waterfall with a height of 29 meters and nearly 300 meters in the width. The other
name conferred upon it is the “Niagara Falls of India”. It is located in the Indian state
of Chhattisgarh. The most attracting place here is the Lord Shiva temple situated near
the waterfall. During the drive you will come across several local item sellers selling
the items called “Bastar art”. The immense beauty of the waterfall is enhanced by
the dense green jungles. One can climb down the stairs and take a boat ride at the
bottom of waterfall which is indeed mesmerizing and offers some unbelievable
views. The best time to visit is in July to October. In winter you will find pleasant
weather and water to be milky white.

JOG FALLS: – this waterfall is located in the dense evergreen forest of Shimoga
district of Karnataka, it is known to be the second tallest waterfall in India. The
nickname for it is the Gerosappa Falls or the Joga falls. Especially during the
monsoon, it increases the pre-existing beauty and the majestic look of the waterfall
with a rainbow complimenting it now and then. The height of the fall is about 253
meters and width about 472 meters. The waterfall drops directly and does not flow
over the rocks. The best time to travel is between August and December. Also, one
of the largest hydroelectric stations in India is also operational here.
Traveling to these amazing majestic creation of the nature itself is a great memory to
remember by and explored once in a lifetime.

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