An adventurous exotic trip is not always entitled to cost you a fortune. It is a fact that if you
are planning to travel the world around you have to at least start saving your money for a
well-planned trip. The finances are always to be managed and decided before embarking on
a journey. Because many trips and tours are posed with many problems just because we
don’t have our budgets planned properly. That is important to be done as the entire trip
budget relies on it. A low budget trip might sound a little boring but it is not because that is
where you plan for a trip in a practical manner avoiding the unwanted expenses. So, let’s go
through some of the tried and tested tips to help you decide a low budget trip which is well
planned before time to avoid any hindrances occurring during the trip.
• COME UP WITH AN ITINERARY: – Having sudden spontaneous travelling plans
is expected always from the travelers but having a proper planned itinerary
for such spontaneous plans is also important. Once you start planning for the
itinerary about which destination to travel too and how much time is to be
spent in a particular city or country. Knowing all the routes and adventurous
places also keeping in mind the unexpected arrivals and haults and different
sites is what will help you pen down the budget first.
• TRAVEL OFF SEASON: – This is the most important point to be remembered
while planning for the low budget trips. Never make trip plans during the
official national or school holidays. Because this is the time when the travel
and accommodation industries hike up the prices for their advantage of the
vacation season. So always plan the trip by researching for the best time to
travel to your selected destination even if it is off season then also according
to the weather conditions planning the trip accordingly will land you to some
reasonable and affordable prices for hotels as well as transport saving your
money as well accounting to a low budget.
• BE ACCOMMODATION-SAVVY: – Rather than opting for some expensive
hotels and suites, if you are travelling in a group of friends or family then just
go and opt for a hostel or share rooms because indeed living together
throughout the trip is always a fun part. It will indeed save the cost of your
budget rather than just wasting it on the unwanted living space because as
you are travelling all the time the hotel rooms are really just occupied for
short period of time so share the rooms and also rule out some money for
some other important things on the trip
• PACK PROPERLY: – While packing for your trip make sure you pack all the
essentials and the stuff that you are going to need on your trip. Let it be your
electrical appliances, chargers your shoes, sunglasses and all other requires
clothes all should be packed well in advance through proper packing
techniques so that you don’t miss out on any essential and make sure that
you don’t waste your money buying something during your trip adding to
your unwanted expense.

• EMBRACE PUBLIC TRANSPORT: – if you are deciding on to some destination
which are easily accessible through buses or trains opt for the them because
after all they cost less than the expensive flights to such shorter trips. On the
other hand, if you are planning for longer routes and destination which only
have options of flight travels then make sure that you book your flight tickets
well in advance to avoid the high-ticket rates.
• DON’T GULP AWAY YOUR CASH: – whenever you start travelling you are
entitled to have lunch, dinners and breakfasts and casual snacks but make
sure that you just don’t up all your cash over it. Try and devise a plan for the
meals and accordingly make the choice of hotels and cafes so that it fits your
budget planning well. Make sure you invest right amount of money on the
food and also not use up the cash for some trivial things which are really not
necessary for that time.
Using all the above tactics for a low budget trip well surely ensure you a
smooth trip to your desired destination without missing onto things.

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