Road trips basically includes trips like exotic, international getaways, local travels and micro-
holidays which are closer to home. Road trips are certainly the “flying” for the travelers and
also allow them to explore and discovering themselves through the process of the road trips
as there are many aspects to be kept in mind and travel with flexibility and total autonomy
while also ensuring the travel safety and privacy. ‘wanderlust’ is another for word for the
road tripping and hitting the much-awaited different destinations with your family and
friends and enjoying every bit while exploring yourself to the fullest while sailing through the
roads and experiencing every dips and turns and all the hustle during the road trip is the one
which you might never experience during flight trips. Road trips are also the trips which
make you know your potential of traveling and also planning a road trip properly so that you
have a smooth and memorable road trip. So always have a to-do list once you decide to
travel and have a road trip.

  1. Once you have planned on to the destination, the first thing you have to do is pen
    down the route to your destination as it will give you a temporary or rough idea
    about the roads, total travelling/ driving time and the places that will you will
    witness while driving and total time to reach the destination is to planned.
  2. After writing down the routes, also make sure you keep a check on weather
    conditions prevailing at your destinations. If in case your destination is going through
    adverse weather conditions and you are not advised to go there at that particular
    time then that act as a backup plan or either keep you well prepared for the same.
  3. If you are planning to stay overnight and spend more time on the road make sure to
    make hotel reservations or any stay bookings which are en route your way.
  4. Now the important step lies to what mode of transport you are opting for, now that
    totally depends on the number of people travelling for the road trip if two people or a
    couple decides for the trip then a two-wheeler is the most fun option, unless if a
    group of friends plans for the trip then two to three bikes is also a great option and if
    a family is travelling then a car is go-to-go option.
  5. Now as you are planning onto a road trip your desired mode of transport let it be
    either a car or a bike it needs to be well-serviced before time so that there are no
    issues while travelling. The main issue which needs to be attended is to carry a spare
    tire kit which includes stepney, jack and a lug wrench along with you so you don’t end
    flattening your tires while driving and making it a spoil sport.
  6. Be smart with mileage- slow down with your biker acceleration and maintain the
    average speed while travelling while avoiding the rough roads to save your transport
    from any unnecessary damages.
  7. While loading the car always keep the non-essential items first and keep whatever
    you might need in urgency with you wherever you sit like the snacks, pillows, purse
    and cameras.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is to get your keys and papers in order in
which the documents include license, car registration and insurance papers as well as
the owner’s manual to be kept at any cost to avoid any consequences.

  1. While packing ensure you keep your packing light by avoiding taking unnecessary
    things and taking essentials ones as your having a road trip and having unwanted
    weight of the luggage with you.
  2. Keep in mind that you are going on a road trip, so never forget to pack an emergency
    kit with you which must include the first aid kit, torches, warm blankets, tissues and a
    safety kit. So that you’ll be ready to handle if there are any situations on the road.
  3. Always focus on carrying healthy and non-greasy food while the road trip as it will in
    turn help you keep energized throughout. Along with that remember to stock enough
    water for everyone especially in the re-usable water bottles and to gather all the
    trash from the car carry garbage bags along with you so that your car won’t end up
    being messy.
  4. Now as the road trip is going to be long enough for you to prepare an entertaining
    trip playlist with all your favorite songs stored in the phone or PD.
  5. While travelling through the road to avoid any wrong turns and routes download all
    the google maps leading to the right routes and destination.
  6. Always prefer asking the local guys passing by about the right route and also about
    the popular culinary spots at that particular spot, so that you will also end up
    enjoying some delicacies of the area.
  7. Its essential to take frequent brakes while driving and relaxing for a while and also
    share driving responsibilities with others and get some time off the steering and relax
    for some time.
  8. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest before starting the travel so that you will
    be able to enjoy the trip throughout without feeling sleepy and restless because
    what’s the point in having a road trip if you want to sleep through whole trip.
  9. As you are going to drive your vehicle at any time of the day always be alert all the
    time while driving keep an eye on the traffic and aggressive riders and make it a safe
    road trip.
  10. Avoid leaving valuables in the car whenever you get out of the car for having meals
    or for exploring a spot especially at night and at crowded places.
  11. Always maintain hygiene while you are travelling and while driving by frequently
    washing your hands and face due to all the dust and pollution.
  12. Always keep you near and dear ones informed about the location to where you are

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