Process of PhD

Doctor of philosophy – phD is 3,4 years of full time study including complete research on the topic.
To get into PhD there are some basic things to know first.
i)Aspirants need to possess a master’s degree.
ii)Candidates can pursue a PhD program in any stream.
iii)Aspirants need to select a topic or a subject and do in-depth research on it
Firstly you have to decide that You just want to do Ph.D. just like a degree or you want to make a career in the field of research. You should at least have a topic in mind on which you wish to do your Ph.D. Do a little research that what universities offer Ph.D. in those topics, and who are the professors working in those areas.

if you want to make a career in the field of research than , You should have your own fellowship to think about Ph.D. Even though some institute will provide fellowship along with the Ph.D. fellowship is one of the most important parts in the Ph.D. It will give confidence in the future because sometimes it is so frustrating to do Ph.D. without fellowship/scholarship. Second, the choice of area of interest Either you can have your own area of interest and search some guide similar to your interest or you can search some good professor. Next level is taking admission in university, and preparing for the entrance exam. If you qualify for the exam then you can start your Ph.D journey.

Research – a PhD requires original research. Your results have to be important enough that the university feels they warrant a PhD. University PhD program as it provides financial support as stipend.
If you decide to go for it, put all your efforts in to it and get it done. It requires a serious commitment of time and work. If you decide to go for it have the time and opportunity to work straight through and finish it.

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