The outer space, stars, astronomy has always been a matter of curiosity for the entire
mankind whatsoever. Since then, humans have been trying their best to explore the outer
space and acquired a success in doing so. In this process mankind gathered a lot of
knowledge about the mysterious and vast sparkly space and its aspects altogether. The
attraction for the space travel and the outer space aspects and its details will always be a
biggest never-ending desire of the mankind. The people who are closely associated and
easily get fascinated to the outer space and twinkling stars, discovery of moon and other
dreamy galaxies are usually called the astrophiles. They like to even travel to the places on
the earth which are related to the space and its activities. So, to fulfill their travel to the
space related destinations, let’s have a quick peek through some unattended desires of
knowing further about space and get to know how the beautiful realm might be looking:

Always keep a track on the ISRO’S launch activities such as the rocket launches taking
place if you want to witness the rocket launch in your life. ISRO is the sheer pride of
India and has become of hallmark due to its humungous feat in the space
explorations and progression. In 2019 ISRO finally opened its doors for people who

wish to experience the space activities such as the famous one being the rocket
launch near the pad. India offers this opportunity at north of Chennai at the Satish
Dhawan space center, Sriharikota. The arena is like a stadium it offers a space for
over 5,000 space lovers to witness the magnificent sites of space activities that too
for free. They have a gallery which faces the launchpads and provides a clear sight of
the rocket launch making it a first ever experience in your life which is worth. You
need to register yourself on the ISRO website to witness this beauty

To witness this stellar beauty of the nature and the space together, you must
especially visit the Northern hemisphere. Locations like Canada, Iceland and Alaska
with an ideal time starting from June to September. The auroras are regarded to be
not real due to immense magical lightning and its mesmerizing view. It literally gives
you the feeling of celestial experience on earth itself. The Auroras are basically the
northern or southern lights that leave the sky in a green trailblaze or hue. Moreover,
to understand it scientifically it is the result of the disturbance in the magnetosphere
caused by solar wind. The picture that it creates in the sky is just worth remembering
for everyone along with the space-lovers. The lightning will be the one which you
won’ t be able to forget ever.

There are many space camps held in India either by the collaborations with NASA or a
program which in indigenously created indeed for spreading the knowledge related
to space exploration. One of the most best space programs to explore is the
Huntsville, Alabama. This program is to connect the astronaut experiences the people
who have never travelled to space. Furthermore, such camps are always an
attraction for the kids as they get to know what mental and physical challenges that
astronauts and the team which includes spaceflight engineers and scientists face
while on a space spree. This indeed help answer their curiosity at an early age. There
are also many tasks and activities present in the camp depending on age. Some
people can experience how to launch a rocket and also work on the simulated space
missions. Some space lovers can also get a chance to train Underwater Astronaut
Trainer, the Multiaxis Trainer and one-sixth gravity chair which is simulation of
moon’s gravity. It is literally a worth experience for the space lovers where they
might feel on space while being on Earth

India’s advancement in space has been touching the sky since ISRO started its
progress towards the space and its activities. The interest in space was fulfilled by the
establishment of India’s first space science museum in Hyderabad. It is located in
Naubat Pahad and was a collaborative effort between ISRO and BM Birla science
Centre. The visit to museum will add a great addition to your space knowledge with
all the exhibits of space shuttles like GSLV MARK III, GSLV MARK II AND PSLV,
Chandrayaan-1, Mars orbiter spacecraft, APPLE, Aryabhata, Bhaskara, Rohini RS-1
and a model of International Space Station (ISS). Along with this the amazing feature
is that visitors can literally get a touch with India’s Antarctic Space Station (DAKSHIN
GANGOTRI) in real time

Many of the space lovers indeed would have thought about the feeling of being on
Mars. Well, the state of Utah blesses a space lover with an opportunity to experience
that how it feels like to be on Mars right on the earth. The Mars Desert Research
Station in Hanksville, Utah will provide you a breathtaking experience altogether.
The research station provides you the simulation of what life is like on Mars. The
Centre is open to public only in June and August through. In the Centre the visitors
are acquainted with different ways of surviving on Mars. Some also offer the
opportunities to volunteer there if you are qualified enough for that.
Don’t forget all this destination for your space spree right on the earth for such a
masterful experience.

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