OTT platform gaining more attention

2020: The year which forced us to rethink our choices. Though we got much time to think in lockdown period, instead of thinking we changed our lifestyle something for our good and something unintentionally for our bad. We adapted new habits and the OTT platform is one of them. We involved ourselves that much into the new series that somehow it becomes part of our daily routine. That’s what causes OTT platform much popular.
What does OTT mean ? “Over the top”… No, no we are expressing feelings of every OTT platform here but that’s the actual full form of OTT. On the platform, you can find new series, short films, movies everything over the top! Broadcasting of videos and audio through the internet started by the platform ” Youtube”. Where many contents creators started earning a bunch of money by selling original content. And next level of this comes in the form of many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, zee5, Sony liv, alt Balaji, Disney + Hotstar, max player, and so on. These platforms promise us original content and fortunately, they Are keeping their promise.
Before talking about competition between theatre and OTT platforms, we want to highlight the middle zone which we are neglecting which is “TV”. In the case of tv, a user needs tv and set-top box and connection which fills entertainment purposes for the whole month, and at the end, you have to pay for entertainment to your digital operator. That was a simple mechanism and user-friendly. Hence, people prefer tv where you get a combination of movies, daily soaps, sports, news, entertainment whole thing in one box! But this lockdown impacted tv business too. And due to a break of 3 months, many people shifted to the OTT platform to see original content.
OTT platform has many advantages, starting from original content to freedom of using it anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. Users can access OTT from mobile, tv, tablets, computer, laptop, etc. The best thing is it does not any wire connection. You can sit and chill and watch your favorite content. OTT doesn’t have boundaries like theatre which are allowing makers to think creatively and to represent content originally. And the very good part of OTT nowadays is it is taking place in the living room starting from the bedroom. Every type of content is available for every age group. Parent control option by many platforms makes it user friendly.
There are two types of VOD, first is advertisement video on demand where the money is raised by advertisement but the drawback of this system is it sometimes irritates users, the disturbance break the chain of thinking. And the second VOD is a subscription video on demand, where users have to subscribe for the content they want to watch. This system is working in favor of owners and users as well. A one-time subscription gives access to a whole package of entertainment.
Even OTT platform has some backdrops, the question that arises in minds of users is the source of access OTT is ” internet”, but here we have to face many problems. Speed of internet, network issue and if we compare here with theatre and tv, then for theatre we have to pay for the ticket to watch a movie which give us one time access and for tv one time dth bill is enough. But for OTT has to pay for internet and subscription which makes it a thinkable point.
Financially, 2020 was in favor of OTT. The business has grown tremendously. social media plays important role in creating buzz about OTT. Instagram and Twitter we’re ready with meme material which helped in the publicity of certain character and series. Every OTT platform has its social media handle and they are trying to create buzz there too. From Netflix India saying we too have feelings to Amazon pime making meme on its logo everything is for attracting the public towards OTT. Even for the advertisement industry, OTT was a great option in covid times. But piracy impacted it somehow, which lead to disclosing sequence and giving charge of the certain movie and web series for free.
“Originality” is the keyword for OTT. It’s very clear who can create new content and unique content is going to survive this competition. Talking about originality, let’s revise which web series and movies turned in favor of respective platforms.
Netflix is up to the mark for original content even sometimes it’s over shows the real side of society and that’s why people liking Netflix. Moneyhist, sex education attracted many people, mismatch showed us how can two opposites can attract, the Devi from “never I have ever” showed us swag of Indian doesn’t depend on the place and mainly Seema aunty played an important role to show us typical marriage institutions we are following happily for many years. Whereas, fabulous lives of Bollywood wives take us to glam life.
Sony liv has bull of web series “scam 1992”, special ops are best on Hotstar, Abhay with season 1 & 2 banging zee5 also barish is preferred by many people, asur on voot showing the dark side of society, ashram on MX player helped bobby devol to win dada saheb falake award this year, Amazon Prime is the best platform for movie realize this time.
The way OTT platform creating content and creating a platform to experiment, soon it will cross popularity of theatre and tv and we will chill together while watching our favorite web series.

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