Online exam vs offline exam

When talking about online exam vs offline exam both have it’s pro and cons . We can’t decide which one of them is best. It all depends on mindset . Some exams are better to be online but some exams are needed to be offline.
online exam is better in some areas like more transparency can be seen here. Results you can get in a very short time. It is more reliable but every thing has some demerits too. There are certain patterns of exam you can not conduct online..
Online exam, provided all the youth and the students of this country have the access and the knowledge of it.
offline mode is also better because in online exams mostly it’s capturing very less area of room so you can stick anything anywhere and cheat easily if it’s not within camera range no matter how good your camera is this happens and many children take advantage and the honest people get lesser marks.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages
• You get better and easier browsing of questions.
• You get right amount of time.
• Just a click and you mark answer, also you can change your answer.
• Server failure .
• Headache to some people.
• Always your practice
• Paper pen are best no stress on eyes.
• Invigilator cannot work on time.
• Marking can go wrong
• Time is not perfect.

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