Need to include mental health in curriculum

Yes. Mental health should be a part of school syllabus. The reason for this is students spend approximately 8 hours at school. After going home and before coming to school, they don’t have time to talk to their family members. In school, they have friends with whom sharing of thoughts takes place. Both are of same age. Hence, solutions to the problems will also be of same mental level. As they reach the age of adolescence, students have physical and mental changes. Handling both of them is a new experience for them. They have frequent mood swings, anxiety issues and many things which they cannot explain.
Therefore, in such a case, mental health awareness is very necessary with each passing stage of development. This will not only help students to be aware of such mental issues but also will answer many of their questions which they cannot even ask and cannot talk about to the family members. And also all they need is right knowledge about the things.

the basics should be taught in school.
That would help many kids be able to recognize their symptoms and get the proper help earlier, to save them from a lifetime of suffering and wondering why they are different than everyone else.

The education system needs to evolve according to the changing needs of society. Mental health is a growing concern that should be dealt with from the youngest age for the best results to be had.
The course could include social mental health, group mental health issues like bullying, mental health impacts of cool vs uncool, that scars people for life. There is nothing worse than children culturally brainwashed to be bullies. They need mental health care at school instead of propaganda about how oppressed they are.
Mental health education helps one to understand the importance of mind and how it plays out in their actions and behaviors. They should be able to understand what is good for mental health, what are not, what hobbies and practices they need to develop to keep them mentally strong and develop good character.
Educating on mental health in schools would help them to be aware of mental health issue, to seek help in case of need, to be empathetic to people who are suffering from such issues and be prepared to deal with someone with mental health issues.

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