Maldives have always been an evergreen tourist destination due to its redundant natural
beauty and the enriching white- sand beaches, the thrilling aquatic adventures and the other
numerous amazing aspects that it has to offer. It has the longest chain of the most beautiful,
crystal clear blue beaches attracting huge chunks of tourists from all over the world to sense
the beauty and enrich the soul and witness the contest between the water and land. But
Maldives remains to be the most favored and preferred destinations for the celebrities from
the B-town or the Indian film world i.e., Bollywood, Tollywood and Mollywood.
As Maldives is a group of some enchanting islands in the Arabian sea and indeed it make it
easier for the Indians to get there. Right from the visa procedures, flight tickets and passport
procedure are relatively easier and are cheaper than expected. Many B-town biggies visit
this place to experience the blue beaches and coral reefs along it while enjoying the luxurious
stay at the most amazing island or sea facing resorts, while posting the pictures and videos
of their routine making it go viral in a day creating a wide amusement and fun in the
followers which indeed increases the popularity of Maldives. As these celebrities have huge
fan following, they tend to follow them accordingly.
The Bollywood biggies who often visit to Maldives to spent their vacations are the star
couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor-khan. Saif’s family and his sister soha alia khan are
also the frequent visitors and the happiness and all the fun they and their children are having
is evident through their pictures. Rimi Tomy had also travelled to Maldives recently while
sharing the happiness through her selfies and videos while strolling through Maldives she
captured Malaika Arora and also shared the selfie with her on Instagram. She was
accompanied with her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor and had their pictures going viral due to hand
in hand beach pictures. Other than them Mouni Roy, Varun Dhawan and Esha Gupta are the
one of the Bollywood actors soaring the internet temperatures.
• Tourist can easily travel to this destination in a safe and smooth journey right from
the visa to flight procedures are way easier.
• The enchanting and amazing sights of this islands are surely a welcoming gesture
and most attracting aspect of Maldives.
• Other great opportunity for Indians is that you can spend almost 30 days without a
visa in Maldives making it easier.
• Apart from all this Maldives offers some excellent and luxurious villas, resorts and
guest houses to spend the most amazing time in the beach and sea facing resorts or
• The main attraction is the blue and crystal-clear beaches having a wide range of
beaches to enrich within along with some beautiful private beaches.
• The aquatic adventures are most thrilling which include snorkeling, sailing and under
water diving are the most amazing experiences into the aquatic world

• Apart from the beaches and coral reefs Maldives offers some amazing cuisine besides
the mouthwatering scenery.
• If following the budget, the guest houses over here are very cheap to afford and
offers many things in it.
• It offers some amazing leisure and sports activities along with some amazing scenic
views to click pictures and to enjoy to the fullest
• While you visit Maldives don’t forget to buy the delicious Maldives chocolates.
This is what the beautiful and evergreen land of islands has to offer and that is why
the b-wood celebrities are flocked here to enjoy every ounce of Maldives.

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