While you decide onto a tour to different destinations especially to beaches for the immense
flair and adventurous experiences at the white-sandy and beautiful enriching beaches. When
we talk about a beach getaway the destinations that come in our mind is Goa., Maldives,
Konkan and many more. Goa being the most popular destination with abundant beaches
and also the well-known heritage sites. Its indeed a small state but is most recognized tourist
destination all over the world. Apart from the beautiful beaches and church, Goa has given
birth to some amazing artists and craftsmen. Shopping started making more sense due to
the introduction of the flea markets at the remotest areas of Goa.
Goa offers numerous flea markets as well as different shops for some peculiar items which
you might only find at Goa’s flea market. It has four main shopping places including the
Saturday nights at Arpora markets, Anjuna flea markets, Thursday night market at Vagator
hilltop and Mapusa market. These are some of the places flocked up by the shoppers. So,
let’s remember which local items to buy while on a tour:
• SEA SHELLS GALORE: as its beach destination its mandatory to bring the seashells. All
the artifacts and the home decoration items including the lampshades and seashell
curtain strings. Apart from this beautifying piece like the hand bracelets made out of
shells, necklaces and earrings are just amazing and do match the vibe of goa. While
street shopping to oxdel beach and galgibaga beach you might find these beauties.
• CASHEW NUTS: Goa is a destination considered to be one of the best cashew nuts
selling state in India. You are bound to get the cashew nuts in every flavor as well as
in different types like spicy, coated, salty and sweet and last but not least freshly
shelled as well have a huge attraction. The main aspect to be remembered is that
you can buy as much as cashew nuts as you want because they are a lot cheap in
price. Panjim market is among the best places to shop in goa to buy the nuts as it is
the largest market in region.
• MUSIC CD’S AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: – Goa market beach markets are also
famous to explore and buy the melodious Goa trance CD’s as well as the Portuguese
music which is something new and meets the vibes of Goa. Other than that, as it
being local, they are available at cheap rates and at affordable rates in Kadence
xperience store, Pedro Fernandes and co.
• FENI: Feni is the most famous liquor which is made out of coconuts and cashew
which are famous all over goa. Once you go in goa you have to return by bringing
this along with you because of its specialty and its intoxicating flavor and aroma, its
also used in the lemonades and cocktails making the drinks much more delicious and
you might think that it might cost you more but you literally get it at INR 100. You
can make a deal at any wine or cashew shops like Magson’s hymart tom’s wine and
• VARIETY OF FUNKY HATS AND GLARES: As you are planning to go to Goa you have
to explore the sunny beaches so while going to beaches you have to cover your head
with the funky and colorful hats. You will also get in every possible pastel colors
along with colorful ribbons hanging through them making it much prettier. You can

also complete the look by wearing some amazing hued glares available at every flea
markets of Goa making it a look worth capturing. You can also get pal leaf hats which
are very trending and made up of panama hats with a bit of local touch making it a
must have from you goa tour.
• BEACHWEARS: as we are taking a tour to a beach and goa being the most loved
destination around the globe then it’s quite evident that you have to buy the beach
wears like shorts, bikinis, hats, sarongs, colorful body con dress and tops, funky flip-
flops that would exactly match the beach vibe is what that makes it special to visit a
beach with such interesting beach wears making it a moment to be captured. Locals
usually sell these items across all the beaches like Baga, Anjuna, Palolem, Calangute
and more shops providing variety of designer purses and many artifacts to buy at a
much cheap and affordable rates where bargaining is the main target.
So make sure that you buy these local items while on a beach tour and don’t miss
out on any of them because you won’t get it anywhere else.

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