Many of you might be ruled due to the monotonous days and insomniac nights which might
have left you astray from life, so to sense the real life take a refuge at Ladakh- the land of
dreams. Make it the part of your dream and sail through the dream and fix the little worries
of your day-to-day life. Experience the thrilling adventure at Ladakh’s high land passes,
nature and what not. Eliminate yourself from the daily hustle-bustle of life and explore the
surreal scenic views and chilling atmosphere at Ladakh. So, let’s have a glance through some
most amazing cultures, nature, landscapes, valleys and many more that your dream might
consist of: –

    It’s always said as well as experienced that the journey is always important than the
    destination and is indeed true in case of Ladakh. While you travel on the roads
    leading to Ladakh you will find yourself at immense peace because of the amazing
    range of landscapes along with the hues of nature sailing through your journey. Now
    the part that plays an important role is by which mode you decide to travel to
    • BY ROAD: – if you are a die-heart adventurous person they you should surely consider
    travelling to Ladakh through the road ways. Nothing beats the fun that you might
    have while you decide onto the road trip to Ladakh. Riding through the high-altitude
    mountain ranges and admiring the nature by capturing the beauty of nature by
    stopping wherever you want to. You can easily hire bikes available in Srinagar and
    Manali or directly avail the bus services between Delhi and Leh for continuous
    traveling. According to me road trip through the nature is the best option to get to
    • BY AIR: – if you are in a real emergency and don’t have enough time to spare for
    travel, you can always opt for airways travel to Ladakh. Leh airport is connected to
    major cities like Delhi and Srinagar. Its naturally the fastest and comfortable way to
    reach your dream destination sparing more time for you to explore Ladakh, also you
    get to witness the snow-clad mountains through the flight.

WHAT TO EXPLORE: – Ladakh is endless and is redundant with more wonderful sites
that everyone of you might find yourself in awe of the beautiful nature and its magic
over the culture and whole region. Here some of the mandatory that you need to
explore: –

  1. PANGONG TSO AND TSO MORIRI: – dreaming of the crystalline blue
    lakes? This is what you will really get to see, explore and feel through your
    own eyes. High altitude lakes surrounded by the majestic mountains,

reflecting the shades of blue skies and only the things that you only might
have dreamt of this far. This is the lake where the blockbuster film “Three
Idiots” scene was taken making the lake more famous because of it
starring in a movie and obviously because of its inherent beauty. Just
imagine lying beside the serene blue shining lake, stargazing through the
amazing sky is the most precious moment you will ever sense.

. LEH TOWN: – leh is the capital town of Ladakh, this is the place known for
maximum facilities and is known to be the cultural hub of the region. It is
literally located at a distance of 3500 meters. It is quite a desert city
housing over a number of attractions for the explorers like the Shanti
stupa, Leh palace and Leh market. It is also well-known base camp for the trekking trails

  1. MONASTERIES: – Apart from the humungous mountains and serene
    scenic beauty of the valley and the transparent lakes, the magical land of
    Ladakh has its popularity for its rich cultural heritage. The perfectly built
    architecture of the ancient monasteries with a background of mighty
    mountains are the huge attractions for its culture and tourism. Some of
    the must-visit monasteries include Diskit, Thiksey and Hemis Monastery.
    • THINGS TO DO: –
    Ladakh is a full package right from adventures, thrilling sports, nature enjoyment to
    cultural explorations. It is known to be a treat for all type of travelers to
    photographers as well offering them the note-worthy natural landscapes. So, here’s a
    list of things to do be done alongside nature to do in Ladakh:
  1. MOUNTAIN BIKING: – due to the high-altitude mountains and the
    amazing landscapes the motorable mountains of Ladakh are highly
    popular it is called as the mecca of bikers. It gives immense satisfaction to
    the bikers to ride through the chilly winds on the zig-zag roads of the
    region with the enthralling views of the mountains surrounding
    throughout. This has increased the tourism as well as the biking sport in
    Ladakh to higher levels.
  2. TREKKING: – for some adrenaline rush through the wide and deep valleys,
    Ladakh offers some lesser-known but world-famous trekking trails.
    Walking on the froze Zanskar river by opting for Chadar trek or opt to
    climb the top of the world by indulging in Stok Kangri trek. Ladakh also
    offers some chilling treks meant for some mellow fun which includes the
    Markha valley trek and Lamayuru to chilling trek.
  3. CULTURAL EXPLORATION: – Ladakh is known to have an entirely different
    diverse culture from that of any part of the country. It is best to literally
    visit the locals at their accommodations and ask them about their culture
    and history this is the best part to do. You are also bound to enjoy the
    local delicacies and visiting the old-aged monasteries giving you a cultural
    view of Ladakh and its people.
    • Best season to travel is literal matter of choice. From autumn to winter to every

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