This surely sounds surreal right? So, to clear all your doubts let’s explore the about this
couple and also about their life and their travel funding strategies and how did they manage
the savings of tea stall for the world-wide travel. Meet this heroic couple named Vijayan and
Mohana Vijayan who are in their 70’s and since then they have been running a tea shop in
Kochi to indeed live their dream of travelling the whole world together. The couple has been
married for the last 45years and from then onwards they have been making the saving
strategies for the world travel together. Till now they have almost travelled to over 23
countries together. Their saving as well travelling strategies are quite unique and awesome.

So, let’s take a look at that as well as to which places in the world they have been to till now:

The tea shop managed by the couple is named as Sree Balaji Coffee House in Kochi.
Vijayan started this journey way back in 1963. He says in a statement that he and
Mohana coincidentally had the same dream of travelling the world together and
that’s why they decided onto selling tea and the money earned can be used to fund
their travel. The average footfall of the shop daily is around 300-350 people providing
them enough funds for their travel.
Many of you might be curious to know their saving and funding strategy for their
travel altogether. According to their self-rule they save up to Rs.300 everyday and
then spend a part of it during the travel and also manage to take up a loan from the
banks to carry out the other expenses required for the travel. The after-trip trick is
the best part, they spend around three years repaying the bank the required amount
of the loan along with its interest and then go on applying the same cycle for every
trip they decide on. Also, the other best strategy is that they run their tea stall
themselves without anyone’s help and to avoid paying the salary to the employees.

Through this long journey together they have almost explored and travelled to 23
countries altogether which is indeed a jaw-dropping for such an old couple and truly
an inspiration for many couples out there. When asked about their favorite places till
now they realized it to be Singapore, Switzerland and New York are the places they
loved the most in their travel history.
Whenever they travel to different countries to remember it as a memory, they always
make sure to collect their local posters and bills they have visited to. Surprisingly they
have sticked all the collection of their bills and posters on the walls of their tea shop
making it moment of Deja-vu.

Now they have decided to travel to Sweden. Denmark, Holland, Greenland and
Norway and are eager to know about their culture, climate and lifestyle and how the
people over there live their life. This is how they have decided to travel to each and
every country and to explore the while world on their tea stall till the end.
They say that where there is a will there is way. So never give up on your dreams and
desires and complete them before you die and follow your heart till the end. There is
nothing called as impossible. This couple has surely set a standard and an example
for all the couples who have dreams to travel the world.

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