Finance Policy:

Whether you’re being hit with school costs, re-enrolment fees, water charges, winter wardrobe, Christmas Saving Club, sports or travel costs, there is not any time just like the present to create sure you’re money is functioning as hard as you’re.

10 Do’s:

1. Plan your finances – be positive.

2. Put two hours in each month to checking out your money issues.

3. Claim all of your tax reliefs and allowances (medical expenses, rent relief, pension relief, bin charges etc ).

4. make sure you have a time period Fund – that’s three to 6 months annual income in an accessible and best-interest-bearing account .

5. If you’ve got dependents (older or younger) protect them by protecting your life and income.

6. ensure you’re providing for your retirement outside of the €230.30 weekly State Pension that you just can anticipate to.

7. abate your banking bills – avoid overdrafts, never have a cheque returned, keep your accounting in credit and receive interest instead of pay it.

8. Use the web for your accounts – you’ll never need to visit your bank branch, saving you time and parking/petrol money!

9. Check and recheck all of your interest rates on a daily basis both for borrowings and savings.

10. Diversify any surplus cash or savings across the various sectors.

10 Don’ts:

1. don’t presume your institution is loyal to you – yesterday you were an opening, today you’re a client.

2. Don’t leave your surplus benefit a accounting or low interest bearing savings account. Email me free fact sheet on best interest rates in Ireland.

3. Don’t exceed overdrafts – of course avoid overdrafts if in the slightest degree possible.

4. Don’t exceed your mastercard limit and remember to pay on time, never take cash on the cardboard and take care using the cardboard in non-EU countries – it’ll cost you. Use your mastercard sort of a positive identification and pay back interest ASAP.

5. Don’t look forward to your lender to call you in if you can not honour the agreement – face full on and enter into an agreement. That way you’ll be able to come to a rendezvous that suits you both, without accruing extra costs.

6. Don’t fall prey to the three reasons we neglect our finances: apathy, ignorance or lack of your time. all of them could cost you within the end.

7. Don’t ignore your responsibilities or core values: – Respect for the commitments you undertook being right up there.

8. Don’t pay tax needlessly: Know your rights, pay what you have got to and not what you don’t.

9. Don’t follow the herd: simply because the Jones adjoining have bought a replacement car or an apartment in Turkey doesn’t mean you’ve got to. Set your own goals, a financial five and 10 year plan that you simply can work towards.

10. Don’t invest in an exceedingly project if you are doing not understand what it’s you’re investing in or it’s too good to be true.

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