Its either a travel video blog or just a vlog is the most wanted and most consumed video
content in the internet world. Travel vloggers are the ones which are solely dedicated to their
traveling history and want the world to see the same through their eyes. They start along
just packing their bags and most importantly their travel companions- Cameras and just go
on filming their whole journey and adventure for the public by giving them the whole view
and idea about different destinations and we indeed love it. Along with the travel blogs the
travel videos are equally important adding a spice and increases the online presence by
making the vlog interesting and lively by making the search engines like goggle and yahoo
full with the lovers of the travel vlogs. Basically, the videos add much meaning to a blog itself
and that is why are going to some amazing and famous travel vloggers which are making
rounds of the search engine every day and increasing their follower’s day by day: –
• CASEY NEISTAT: – Casey is one of the most famous travel vloggers belonging from the
America. He is YouTube vlogger as well as the co-founder of the multimedia company
Beme. Which was later acquired by CNN. After all this he created a creative space in
2018 for the budding video creators to start the idea of collaborations and start
influencing many people. From then on till now he has around 12.3 million YouTube
subscribers on his channel. You can directly go and subscribe his YouTube channel
and start enjoying his amazing and adventurous vlogs. You can also follow him on his
Instagram handle: -@caseyneistat.
• MARK WIENS: – Mark Wiens is a vlogger based in Thailand, Mark travels are the travel vlog
known to make have frequently made videos on food and all the different cuisines famous in
various countries he comes across. Mark was basically born in America but has traveled over
to France, democratic republic of Congo, Kenya, Argentina and Thailand to name a few. To
discover some amazing destinations and delicious cuisines watch and subscribe the YouTube
channel of Mark with 7.46 million followers as he has numerous YouTube channels of food
and cooking making him popular.
• JACK HARRIES: – Jackson Frayn “Jack’’ Harries uniquely started his first YouTube
channel with his twin brother Finnegan Charles Frayn “Finn’’ Harries who is well
known youtuber from London, United Kingdom. Named as Jacksgap they both have
now around 4million YouTube family showing immense applause for their born love
for travelling and telling great stories. So, don’t forget to subscribe their YouTube
channel Jacksgap and the Instagram handle: – @jackharries.
• DEVIN GRAHAM: – he is an American travel vlogger who is known for producing
adventurous and extreme sport videos. The videos which he makes are known for
their high production value and use of the Glidecam stabilizers which are amazing

and creates amazing videos. He has amassed over 5 million YouTube subscribers on
his vlogs known by devinsupertramp and his Instagram handle: – @devinsupertramp.
• SHIVYA NATH: – she is a female adventurer from India. She inspires young woman
to be independent and be a solo travel vlogger and experience the unknown through
the passion they want to pursue. In 2013, starting with such great endeavor she
earned an amazing title of the ‘the best travel blogger’ for her ‘The Shooting Star’ at
the Indian blogger awards for sharing her incite and expertise on how to do excel in
this field and how to travel like a local and make those off-beat destinations exciting.
She is the one who quit the corporate world and landed in her dream passion and
made her story equally fascinating. To see her amazing vlogs, subscribe on her
YouTube channel of Shivya Nath.
• LAKSHMI SHARATH: – She is known to be the multi-talented world traveler and
makes amazing vlogs from worldwide. She is a full-time traveler as well as a blogger,
in her fantastic blog, travel with Lakshmi Sharath she shares her both worldwide as
well as her travels within India and for the same she won the award of best blog of
the year, and throughout her career she has worked with Thomas Cook, Airbnb, and
nokia lumia. To explore her vlogs, go and follow her YouTube channel as Travel with

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