India has been home and a historical battleground for numerous dynasties, empires,
kingdoms and rulers. All of them who visited India left an indelible mark on the Indian
grounds. The ruins of those times are the historical monuments that remind us of the ancient
heritage and rich culture and how the historical events took place in those times. Hearing to
the historical stories and discovering the whole monument and the thing related to the era
gives literal chills. Exploring such sites with such greater importance and respect is a
different vibe and every youngster out there should surely explore these historical
monuments which hold such a great historical significance. To help understand all the
historic events and importance of the monuments let’s take a look at the most famous
historical monuments: –

    Declared as one of the 7 Wonders of the world, located on the banks of the river
    Yamuna, this rich ivory-white mausoleum is built with marbles. Taj mahal was built
    by the Mughal emperor Shah jahan for his wife Mumtaz. It was the grief of shah
    jahan over Mumtaz’s death. He built it in her memories and set as an example of true
    love this monument is the monument built for true love. Mumtaz was most beloved
    wife out of the 11 and she died giving birth to her 14th child so as per her last wish
    shah jahan built Taj mahal for their eternal love. The white beauty has taken a
    immense hard work and dedication of the workers which were literally selected by
    shah jahan himself to build the mahal, so that no one out there would be ever be able
    to copy the mahal’s unique design at any cost. The regal mahal has a huge amount of
    tourist attractions from all over the world to get enlightened by its history and
    spellbound by the flawless beauty of the white marbles spread all over making it the
    most amazing and the wonder of the world.
    This is the humungous fort built by Akbar in 1565 AD. According to the date this fort
    dates to back to the ancient era when there were rulers all around capturing or
    building the forts. This massive fort stands out for its fabulous design and unique
    construction of that times. It is a magnificent piece has its design laid out
    strategically as only the Amar Singh Gate could be open to enter the fort out of the
    two gates. The huge walls and the shades used over the monuments with such
    intricate designing is what makes it a must visit fort in UP. The fort is so popular that
    it has been mentioned in one of the cases of Sherlock Holmes written by Arthur
    Conan Doyle called “the Sign of Four”.
    Red Fort is a very well-known and sort after monuments of India. Due to enormous
    size, proportions of the fort and the way it is styled in, all represents an age of the
    wealthiness of the historic times which was indeed unrestrained from any other
    sources. This particular is also built by Shah Jahan and it almost took over 10 years to
    built this fort with immense dedication which can be clearly seen when you observe
    the fort closely. The fun fact about this fort is that, originally it used to white made

with limestone but it started peeling off during the British Era and hence it was
painted again but in red. But it seems that the red color attracted more tourists and
monument lovers as the red color was well-suited to give it the name as Red fort to
the monument.

    Amer fort is one of the famous historical monuments in India located in Rajasthan.
    This particular fort is built both with white as well as red sandstones making the fort
    look wonderful in the shades along with the carvings on the ceilings and the walls are
    intricately designed which are simply marvelous due to the designing pattern of the
    historic period it makes it unique and equally beautiful for the eyes to watch. This fort
    is also known as the Sheesh mahal (mirror palace) due to the mirror mosaics and
    colored glasses inside the monuments making it the best part about the fort to be
    The great and most respected Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born
    on this famous fort names Shivneri fort. It is the most popular place in Pune. This fort
    is one of the most important forts during the rule of the Maratha warriors. It has a
    great significance as being the birth place of Maharaj. The forts gas big 7 doors along
    with the solid walls making the construction strong and ready for any wars. The top
    of the at the edge offers gorgeous and wonderful, serene views of the surrounding
    paradise. This fort is particularly located in Junnar taluka and remains open for 24
    hours. The fort has all historic remains and Maharaj’s important whereabouts stored
    in the fort along with small temples inside the fort. So, its history makes this fort a
    must visit.
    These are some of the important and famous monuments to be explored and visited
    for sure.

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