Wandering through the Land of Maharaja’s and the Royal ruins and regal culture and history
is defined to be Rajasthan. The colorful, lively and traditional state of India has more
historical background than the rest of the country put together. Due to its fabulous history, it
has some amazing and majestic forts and luxurious palaces altogether with each and every
one enthralled to see it. It is believed that Rajasthan is home to the Rajput’s as it was ruled
for 1000 years and they claim to be to have originated from the sun, moon and fire.
Rajasthan also known as the land of deserts also have some majestic and popular deserts
named the Mighty Thar desert. Also, with some adventurous forests, camel safaris and all
the traditional jewels, its delicacies with its famous cuisines and vibrant art and culture.
Along with the frequent colorful and dazzling festivals and fairs is the most well-known
culture in Rajasthan. Now looking at all this let’s take a detailed look at what and how
Rajasthan has to offer to the travelers: –
Jaisalmer is the city of Rajasthan which is best to travel in the month January
and February with a 3day show of the amazing sand dunes and, desert
blooms, the cultural and traditional folk dance and music. Along with the
camel race and the thrilling acrobatics add excitement to the celebrations.
The best part is to take the camel ride alongside the mesmerizing sunsets and
scenic views.
• Pushkar is also one of the famous fairs in this city and takes place between
October and November. The actual motto of the fair is to trade cattle like
cows, goats, sheep and camels. The fair includes all the musical and cultural
activities including taking the dip in the holy lake of Pushkar to wash away all
the sins in the holy water following the peculiar rituals of the city. The other
famous cities grabbing a huge attraction and worth a visit is Jaipur, the city of
victory also known to be the pink city known for its majestic hill-top forts,
dazzling bazaars and beautiful palace.
• Also, to witness the most majestic lake palace and city palace of the Udaipur
city called as the Venice of the East because it looks like a wonderland. While
you should also not miss on the most popular Kumbhalgarh Fort which is huge
and wide enough to use almost 8 horses to take abreast. Apart from this
known to have the Arabian Nights form to the city, Jaisalmer and Bikaner are
known to be the remarkable sandstone cities that rise magically through the
sand dunes of the desert is a worth a view.
• The Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur will make you realize that the city is literally
blue. And the obvious and most famous Ranthambore National park is full of
history with the rise and fall of many rulers along with many chances of
witnessing the much-awaited tigers. The place is literal haven for the wildlife
lovers. This is all what makes visit to Rajasthani cities adventurous and worth

• HOT AIR BALLOONING: the best part giving a complete adrenaline rush with
all the excitement and serenity at the same time is the specialty of flying over
the beautiful city of forts and majestic palaces and along with the bird view to
enjoy from the hot air balloon taking some amazing shots through the
camera to cherish them as the memories in the near future. Flying through
the colorful view and most wonderful experience through a different level of
• SELF-DRIVE TOURS AND CYCLING: Traversing Rajasthan through your own
riding terms gives you all the freedom to travel and wander off to each and
every possible destination you want to be and spend the most memorable
time either at the majestic forts or the palaces or at the sand dunes and the
deserts experiencing the most famous places at Rajasthan. Another option to
consider is that of cycling through the deserted landscapes by singing up for
the cycling tours in the most beautiful cities like Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh
forts and the Aravalli ranges.
• CAMEL AND THE WILDLIFE SAFARI: – Don’t at all miss the hop onto the Ship
of the deserts. Camel safari will be a life time experience because it will be the
sole experience in Rajasthan taking you to the unexplored places of the desert
giving you a bumpy ride along with a lot of humps and laughter. The wildlife
safari in Rajasthan will male the photographers go crazy when they will se
such a diversity of the wildlife at different spots along with the most majestic
view of the tigers to be captured at any cost.
• DELICIOUS GOURMET FROM THE CITY: The food offered by the desert city
has the inclusion of the foods like rich ghee, milk and the mouth-watering
masalas will surely ad a magic to your tongues. The most famous cuisine of
Rajasthan includes the delicacies like Dal bati churma, Gatte Ki sabji, gate ki
khichadi, Mohan maas, laal maas, Rajasthani chutneys and many more are the
most delicious food that they have to offer with every food having a unique
taste and amazing aroma with mouth watering dishes to offer.
You would surely like to travel here again and again exploring the
magnificent state by all the means and still have no enough of Rajasthan.

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