UseTaj the name itself reflects the royal splendor, luxury and elegance. The Taj group and the
luxurious hotels are epitome of beauty and regality and it well-known all over the world due
to its immense popularity. These hotels are voted by all the people world wide starting from
India. They are worth spending the money as well as time due to its heritage and its
grandeur. So, let’s take a quick snippet through the top dreamy Taj hotels: –
Taj lake palace in Udaipur is the most romantic getaway for the couples altogether
due to its immense lovely architecture with a white-marble palace atop the turquoise
waters of the Lake Pichola. The grand archipelago is full of the open-air courtyards
and lotus ponds with a small mango tree giving the pool of water a shaded look.
SPECIAL FEATURES: the majestic rooms of the hotel flaunt the age-old carved
furniture, regal interiors and an amazing scenic view right from your rooms. With a
personal butler at your service. Apart from that you can you can take a stroll through
the boat cruise on the calm waters of the Pichola lakes and also woo your senses of
dinner arranged uniquely on a floating platform by Pontoon restaurant. You can
easily woo and take care of your loves ones by treating them with a Jiva spa which is
totally rejuvenating along with the boat having a relaxation lounge meddling with
the waters. Making it an affordable and worth exploring destination.

This palace in Hyderabad totally gives us feels of 19th century through its mixture
colonial and Indian designs. The palace is literally set-up at an elevation of 2000ft.
from Hyderabad. This luxurious 5-star property is indeed enchanting and attractive
as well. The hospitality over here is linked to that of Nizam’s fame who was once the
sole preserve of the royalty.
SPECIAL FEATURES: the huge hotel is a home to over 60 distinct rooms decorated
with the floral fabrics, fine wood fittings and the Egyptian linens. The magnificent
oak-paneled library is a literal replica of the Windsor castle and has the collection of
rare manuscripts. The palace is full of the royal heritage which starts with the
intricately carved objects from all over the world; like Mughal, Rajasthani and
Japanese gardens personally built by Nizam with some grand dinning rooms.

The name itself suggests the grandeur of the palace. The palace is set-up above the
desert city of Jodhpur. It is a golden-colored sandstone monument which is built in
the acres of lush gardens. The palace literally gives royal experiences to its guests,
which was once only open for the kings and queens.
SPECIAL FEAUTURES: the luxurious property of the Taj group boasts its blend of old
as well modern styled arts and interiors embellished in them. The special part is the
Champagne Museum Walk, where we can witness the finest collections of the
Victorian and Edwardian antiques with a glass of most expensive champagnes. The
hotel also offers great dinner rooms and romantic settings as well from the royal
balconies and terrace providing a picturesque view.

The mahal is placed in the heart of New Delhi which offers accommodations same as
that of a Mahal i.e., luxurious amidst the six acres of landscaped grounds. Combined
with the old-world charm and comforts at its best providing the amenities with
immense royalty and luxury.
SPECIAL FEATURES: taj mahal hotel in Delhi is an award-winning hotel for its
restaurants like House of Ming for Chinese, Wasabi by Mourimoto for Japanese and
the 24/7 international eatery Machan. This mahal also exhibits a collection of
handpicked Indian apparels, accessories as well as art at its retail outlet known as Taj
Khazana. Apart from the mahal, the city is full of heritage sites like the Humayun’s
Tomb, walk to a Lodi garden and also enjoy the famous rickshaw tours of the Old
Delhi. This will make the tour entirely worthy and experience every part of Delhi as

The origin of the Taj groups started right from the heart of Mumbai. The royal palace
offers a panoramic view of the Arabian sea as well as the Gateway of India making it
a worth-view right when you enter the palace. It is known to be the Landmark of
Mumbai which is a blend of contemporary Indian influences with Moorish, Oriental,
and Florentine style for a diverse dramatic effect.
UNIQUE FEATURES: the enchanting and graceful archways, crystallized chandeliers,
a magnificent art collection and a wide variety of furniture’s with a dramatic
cantilever stairway which literally lives the guests in awe. There is a huge diversity in
the restaurants like Wasabi by Morimoto for Japanese, Golden Dragon for Chinese,
Souk for Mediterranean fare, Masala Kraft for North Indian and Zodiac grill for
French. You also ought to taste a selection of carefully crafted petit fours and hors
d’oeuvres. It’s a perfect retreat in such a hustling city.
Make your trip worthy by visiting these enchanting and elite Taj Mahals which
literally leave their guests in immense awe.

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