Refreshing, aromatic, enriching are all the tea luxuries you need to behold, as you can
indulge yourself in discovering the numerous realms of the tea nations and its finest aromas
and go on experiencing the process of the tea plantations right from the scratch by
wandering through the fresh and sprawling tea farms at different tea destinations where tea
is the most famous crops and also enjoy the local culture while having the tea sips for all the
refreshments. Let’s go through some of the refreshing and enriching tea farms: –

  1. WEST BENGAL: – Across the Himalayan foothills there lies the most popular tea
    estates in Darjeeling, Dooars. The tea plantations in these parts are the finest of the
    tea labels in the world. With the black tea leaves productions being the most famous.
    They offer a wide range of activities right from wandering through the tea farms with
    the immense pleasure of exploring the tea manufacturing and processing, tasting
    and other tea luxuries along with knowing the techniques of the plantations. While
    doing all the inspections through the tea farms you also get to know the local culture
    of the people over there and get the enriching aroma of the teas makes it irresistible
    to have sip of tea during the process. Along with that you can also participate in the
    annual Tea and Tourism festivals held in the true beauty of the nature viewing the
    scenic pleasures, bio-diversity, peaceful walks and many more things to be explored.
  2. ASSAM: – Yet another destination to experience some amazing tea plantations which
    are literally wide spread and stretching throughout like a royal green haven is the
    ideal one to adore the tea gardens, unlike others here the tea bungalows bearing the
    legacy to the colonial era and its royal heritage. Assam tea is manufactured
    specifically from the plant Camellia sinensis var. assamica (Masters). Assam tea is
    indigenous to Assam. Black tea being the most produced tea in the region. Wherein
    in the season ranges from cold to arid conditions for the tea production. The region
    is the largest producer of the tea with tourism industry having most of the afflictions
    towards the tea plantations in the region apart from the tea plantations and huge
    lush farms Assam’s estate tours and especially visiting the tea museums and the
    research institutes are the also the major attraction of the region which gives a huge
    bucket full of knowledge and the history of the region’s legacy in the tree
    plantations, which makes the tour to Assam worth visiting leaving you mastered in
    the tea field.
  3. KERALA: – The south-western parts of India have been the tea producers for a long
    time now. The stretches within the country starts from Idukki, Wayanad, Kottayam,
    Thrissur, Malappuram and Palakkad are one of the major teas producing areas of
    Kerala. Most of the tea in this tropical region is produced in rainy season. With
    India’s first ever Tea museum at Nallathanni Estate in Munnar. Unlike other tea
    productions, in Kerala regions the production of the certified organic white and
    green tea is quite rare and exclusive among all. The region is set between some
    enthralling natural aspects of the nature lovers with the tea estates spread across
    rolling hills, numerous valleys and other recreational aspects.
  1. SIKKIM: – The Tendong hill is the origin of the only and sole tea plantation in Sikkim.
    The producer of some certified and characteristic organic tea set amidst the serene
    and lush green plantations and surrounded by the snowcapped Kanchenjunga
    marked with some cherry blossoms. The first flush of Sikkim tea is harvested in the
    spring time with the color of the tea being slightly golden with some pinch of
    sweetness in the tea. The second flush is somewhat toasty and of strong flavor. One
    can experience the manufacture and processing of the tea and take a blissful stroll
    through the slopes of the farms. Other than that, there are other attractions like the
    Buddhist monasteries and cardamom plantations with rich bio-diversity making it
    worth sightseeing tour.
  2. THE ANNAMALAIS AND THE NILGIRIS: – These are the oldest tea producers of
    Southern India with tea estates meddled in the lush green and mysterious
    rainforests producing tea all around the year. The Nilgiris are mostly famous for
    producing the Oolong and Black tea while the Annamalai tea is known for its strong
    flavor of aroma. With abundant wildlife and natural beauty both of the hill stations
    attract huge tourist from all over for their tea estates too.
  3. HIMACHAL PRADESH: – The only tea producer in the northern part of India is
    Himachal Pradesh. The gentle slopes of the Kangra valley inheriting the organic
    production of tea with the black and green tea holding most of it. With varieties of
    tea such as Pekoe, Fanning’s, Hyson, etc. with exquisite aromas and flavors in the
    district of Kangra and Mandi surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. The acres of tea
    plantations are delightful with its wealth of the spiritual and cultural heritage.
    Making the tour worth an experience.
    So why not stroll through the plush green farms of the tea plantations having such
    blissful and rejuvenating experience through the estates with such aromatic and
    strong flavors mesmerizing the surrounding environment with a cup of delicious tea.
    So don’t miss out the trip to the tea farms and make the trip worth discovering.

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