Mountain is the word which is connected to the soul in every means. Don’t you think there is
not even a single thing which is unattractive or flawed related to the mountains. Every single
aspect of mountains is breathtaking. Each activity which is related to the mountains let it be
the hiking, skiing, camping will surely give you an adrenaline rush. The feeling which we get
when we ascend the mountains is incomparable. The pumping heart and the breathtaking
views are the two combinations which go hand-in-hand when you finally ascend the climate
with all the eagerness to watch and feel the much-awaited wonder of the nature through
the mountains which you can almost never get anywhere is what mountains always have to
offer and trust me the mountains never disappoint you in any way because they are meant
to be connected through the soul and enjoy the freedom and tranquility within in utmost
solitude. Whether you are planning for a normal relaxing or an adventure, there is always a
mountain escape and here are some of the most amazing mountain destinations to be

• MOUNT EVEREST, NEPAL/TIBET: – The most well-known and popular and world’s
greatest peaks. It is said to be mother of all the mountains rising to the elevation of
8,848m coming out of the Himalayas. Climbing Everest is an extremely hard,
adventurous and costly thing to do. Nonetheless every year every brave and die-hard
lovers of the mountains ascend the humongous peak with great zeal and patience.
Also, as the real route is hard and steep the Everest is accessible through a shorter
route of Namche bazaar. The snow-clad breathtaking mountains offer a literal view
of heaven through its peak and ascending the Everest is nonetheless a dream come
true and indeed a blessing. Everest is the real adventure and adrenaline rush for the
true mountain lovers.
• KOLORIANG, ARUNANCHAL PRADESH: – These gorgeous lush green mountains are
surrounded by the evergreen trees and other mountains making it a mountain town
with some meandering rivers passing by through the mountains and the cool breeze
through the rivers and the green passage through the mountains gives a perfect
combination and reason to ascend the not so huge and accessible mountains with a
lot of peace.
• ANAMUDI, KERALA: – The Anamudi mountains stand tall at a peak of 2,695metres.
It is the highest peak of the Western Ghats and south India. There is always a
curiosity for what is the significance of the name of the mountain. So Anamudi
literally translates as ‘elephant’s forehead’ and the mountain literally resembles to its
name. so, resembling to its name, it is known for its highest topographical isolation
and is called as the Everest of south India. According to this it becomes hard to
ascend but is worth ascending the huge wonder altogether especially for the
frequent, professional and die-heart climbers.
• SAPUTARA, GUJARAT: – Saputara the name intrigues most of the traveler visiting the
mountains. Saputara means the ‘abode of serpents. Not going by the literal meaning
but the structure of the mountains is literally shaped into snake’s shape near the river
Sarpganga on the shore and is famous due to its mythological importance that it is

believed that lord Rama lived there for over 11 years. The surrounding rivers in the
shape of snakes and the mountains in between makes it a popular tourist attraction.
• MOUNT FUJI, JAPAN: – It is the largest peak in Japan with an elevation of 3,775m.
Mount fuji is considered to be sacred and has been attracting the pilgrims of the
Buddhist, Shinto and other faiths from centuries. Mount fuji is like a hood of snow
with elusive mountains hiding behind the clouds. Ascending through the hood of
snow with all the perseverance is all worth when you reach the peak and embrace
the view with all your heart. If you are there for the hike choose the four trails which
is the most popular choice and buses get you right from Tokyo to the trailhead.
• KILIMANJARO, TANZANIA, AFRICA: – Another bucket-listing peak is the volcanic
Kilimanjaro. Called by the nickname of “roof of Africa” at the height of 5,895m.
Kilimanjaro is actually an active volcano made by the trio of peaks surrounding it. As
being the volcano, you might be scared but not to worry its is in its dormant state.
Then also out of concern the best time to travel to the mountains is between January
through march and June. Standing at the summit looking over the clouds and the
view down the mountains is worth a watch and the climb. Many of the trekker’s plan
to go to marangu route which is six days’ worth hiking. So, going all the way to
mountains with volcanic scenes is what adventure means.
So, while planning for the mountains go for the long road and get an experience which is
worth all the perseverance, patience, efforts that you put to embrace the vast and silent
beauty of nature through you very own eyes and soul. Make the ascending worth all the
mountains that you have to travel.

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