Conservation of monuments is indirectly the conservation and restoration of the history
itself. The historical monuments have indeed every essence of the history and its importance
depicted through the innovative architecture-built years ago to help understand and respect
the valor and the traditions of the people who lived in those eras and gave their every ounce
to build these structures as well as preserve them until today. The presence of the old
monuments helps the societies observe the changes that took place and understand the
process of development of the cities and societies and the traditions to the current status
altogether. The old, big and rigid buildings reflect the conflicts, wars and how they survived
into prosperity of the society. Along with it also reflects the economic condition of the city
over the time and also how the people of the society have conserved the monuments. `
As the monuments are older than the new buildings and compared to the old buildings, the
new ones are simpler and can be easier and cheaper to be preserved. But as we talk about
the old monuments there are many benefits and advantages to preserve the history of our
ancestors by conserving the monuments. Now let’s take a look into how and why is it
important for us to preserve the monuments.
• To maintain tourism, we have to preserve and save the architectural monuments so
that the tourists get attracted from all over the world. Especially the people who like
the experience of the ‘spirit’ of the city, which is evident through the structural
architecture of the monuments. Due to the old monuments the tourists will definitely
create more jobs for locals, and also help in increasing economic prosperity of city,
therefore the monuments creating workplaces for the locals like been the monument
guide and experts from other countries.
• Old monuments are always linked to the culture and tradition of that particular
country which helps us understand the history of the era in which we weren’t even
born and promotes the respect the valor and courage of those who lived in the prior
times. Preserving the cultural heritage by conserving the monuments helps to inherit
the traditions and cultural pride of our heritage and the past making us unique in the
world. India is known for its abundance in the historical monuments, let it be the forts
like Sinhagad, Shivneri, Shaniwarwada in Maharashtra, red fort and taj mahal in
Delhi or the royal monuments in Rajasthan all have proudly preserved the respect of
the cities heritage by bringing character and charm to the neighborhood as well.
• Talking about the environment, restoring the old monuments is environmentally
friendly as they simply become green as time passes. Also restoring the already
existing buildings can be considered as a form of recycling, which in turn decreases
the construction waste, saves energy spent on manufacturing building materials,
tools and equipment and transporting them.
So, if we observe restoring and preserving the old buildings is a skill and requires a lot
of knowledge more than it is required to build the new ones. So, start preserving the
old beauty and keep them intact as a proud heritage sites for the future generations
too and is indeed a need of an hour.

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