Career in journalism

Journalism courses for aspiring

Journalism is concerned with gathering of news and vital piece of information through electronic and print media. But when it comes to journalism as career option there are tons of options that one can select from. Journalism is classified into print i.e news paper , magazines media and electronic media i.e audio and visual media.
But options does not limit here there are various career options in journalism once you successfully complete your degree in mass communication or in mass media or specialization in journalism there are booming options for you in the field.
Such as :
1) Broadcast journalism
2) Technical writing
3) Visual communication
4) Fashion journalism
5) Travel journalism
6) Political journalism
7) Newspaper reporter
8) Photo journalist
9) News reporter
10) Freelance writer
11) Foreign correspondent
12) Anchor
13) Sports journalism
14) Researcher
And many more. Journalism has its specialization in the field. Such as :-
1) Economics
2) Politics
3) Investigation
4) Sports
5) Culture
6) Finance
7) Periodicals etc.

But for this you have to complete your bachelor as well as masters degree from reputed institute after 10+2.

Besides this there are some diploma and diploma courses that offers journalism and mass communication courses.
After completing your courses you can look for job in various places such as

1) Magazines
2) AIR channels
3) Press information
4) Tv channels
5) Websites.
Journalism is all about your skills , dedication and awareness .

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