Career in designing

Career in designing
Choosing design as a career is definitely a great choice to make as this stream is expanding and spreading all across.. It’s a vast field to deal with these days, and definitely provides ‘n’ number of options in future!
Unlike any other field it doesn’t bound ones brain to books but gives an open choice to make about what we want and what we shall do it provides breeze of freedom !

Designer could explore Careers as industrial designers, graphic designers, interior decorators, fashion designers, design engineers, art directors, product managers and many more. Opportunities in fine art industries include jobs as illustrators, creative directors and animators.
Lot of creative sectors are demand driven.

The Bachelor of Design also referred B.Design is an undergraduate academic degree in the field of designing. It deals with the designing of a part or whole structure of a shape, configuration, etc .Besides only theory classes, it also includes Exhibitions, Fashion Shows, Workshops, Seminars and many other activities.

Benefits of B.Design degree:-
• You can also study higher qualification like M.Design (Master of Design).
• It provides you the self-employment opportunities as well as also generates jobs for others.
• It will make you ready for a professional career in the fashion industry.

B.Design degree consists of total four academic years. This degree is divided into total eight semesters (like 2 semesters each year).

Some top specializations of B.Design course are

• Multimedia Design.
• Jewellery & Metalsmithing.
• Graphic Design.
• Industrial Design.
• Knitwear Design.
• Textile Design.
• Ceramic Design.
• Accessory Design.
• Game Design.
• Leather Design.

Some Best Institutions for doing this course are:-
National Institute of design (NID)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
Srishti Institute of design and technology
Lovely Professional University
Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University (CEPT).

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