Bollywood characters that lasted ages

The Indian film business is known as "Bollywood" has a great impact on people's life. Dadashaheb phalake started this cinema in India on purpose to allow many people to earn money and fortunately cinema is growing in India day by day. No one has ever thought about the popularity of Indian cinema which we are witnessing now. It is an escape for many people from their daily routine. Indian cinema represents all the fantasies that people want to experience in real life, it opens the window of a new world and takes us on that mesmerizing journey. Day by day, Indian cinema marking new records. Some films winning awards and films winning the hearts of people. Some films introduce new characters to the world, and some films give us a melodious song to whisper. Besides this, if we ask you what is the reason behind the success of Bollywood? You might say the hero of the film gives us the power to stand against wrong thing, some will say great script help to create a great film, some might think heroine attracts us towards the film, some will say songs make film super hit even before the release! Whatever the reasons are, all are acceptable until it favoring the film industry. Some movies good numbers on the box office but some in it. Still, what makes movie memorable is the characters, many people try to copy that character in real life and some people try to find their selves in that character. What makes any character memorable? Surely, it's up to the actor who is playing that role and how he/she gives life to that character. But again, writers contribute to building the character and the actor develops it on screen. It's all goes in hand in hand. Let's take a look which are those characters that are still fresh in our memory.

1) Basanti :
Kyun ki ye kon bola? …exactly! We are talking about gorgeous Basanti who has faith in her shampoo. We all loved Basanti’s boldness and dramebazi in the film. Sholay itself a hit movie because of the great storyline, dialogues, and off course the characters! The dream girl of Bollywood haima Malini played this character and the way she played it is just mind-boggling. We will never forget Basanti, her moves, and her dedication to her love.

2) Mogambo :
Mogambo khush Hua…! Call him the villain but we still love him like he is our hero. The legend Amrish puri played the role of Mogambo in Mr.India. we can declare him as the leader of the villain’s community. Though Mr.India is about the power of the invisible, Mogambo made drama visible by his acting skills. Mogambo is a great person but what makes him the devil is his will to destroy India with a missile. Being a retired army officer, he has shown discipline in his character but dark shade.

3) silent Sardar :
we all know that small cute Sardar from Kuch Kuch Hota hai who always seemed busy counting the stars. That small bunch of happiness had a small screen share yet he is successful in making us smile .even after the years, we still miss that innocence. Recently, the actor who played that role was in the news as he got engaged we wish him love and success.
4) Baburao :
Ye halkat….! That white dhoti, big eyes with the protection of vintage spectacles are a clear-cut description of Baburao Ganpat Apte. Film hear there is a blockbuster and succeeds in making us laugh until we get cramp in the stomach. And the famous character from the film is babu bhaiya, the way he walks, talks..everything about him is just funny and his innocence made us fall in love with him. This character is played by versatile actor Paresh Raval and even after the years, everyone loves him on screen.
5) circuit :
Bollywood has many friendship goals but our favorite is Munna and circuit. From his get-up to his accent everything is unique. The way circuit always there for Munna Bhai gives us new friendship goals. This unique character is played by actor Harshad and that’s, off course, his one of the best performance
6) geet :
” mein khudki favorite hun”. In a world where everyone is busy finding love outside, geet thought us how to love ourselves fully .from chulbuli and unstoppable geet to calm and silent one, we loved every phase of geet and maybe that’s why she is still alive in our memories.
7)chulbul Pandey :
” Hum tum mein time chaid krenge…., obviously we all know the rest. This character represents the chulbul side of the police inspector. The actor who was playing this character makes this character much successful, he is none other than salmon khan. Dabang 1, Dabang 2, Dabang 3 series of the film represents variation and growth of character. Love, hate, comedy, and dabangiri we love every side of the character . We love films and we love imagining ourselves in characters, whatever is the reason but eventually, we love these characters and their uniqueness makes them memorable and keeps them alive till the ages.

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