When it comes to adoring the beauty of the sea the things that come to the mind are the
calm and peaceful waves, serenity of the view, the soothing blue color of the water, the sand
between the toes and the salty sea breezes, the healing touch of the water and the cold
breeze simultaneously sets the soul free to wander, the utter silence of the sea waves which
enriches the soul within and helps to explore the part of ourselves are some of the few
reasons why the sea have so many lovers who adore by its beauty. To experience such
unique and amazing feelings lets take a look at some top best destinations for all the sea
lovers: –

  1. GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: – These islands are located at the Galapagos triple junction of
    the archipelago in Pacific Ocean. These islands are specially known for their
    breathtaking looks and its amazing wildlife. There are over 29 islands together in a
    round which make it the best destination to explore by and is indeed the famous spot
    among the sea lovers. The Galapagos island is specifically popular for its marine life
    and have an unusual attraction for the volcanic activities and the seismic changes.
    The popular amongst them is the Tortuga Bay with some interesting marine iguanas
    and can relax on the white sand and bathe yourself in the turquoise water. the best
    time to travel to these islands is between June too December as during the rainy
    season the view is indeed worthy for the sea lovers.
  2. MAUI, HAWAII: – This is the second-largest island in Hawaii has hold the 17th position
    in world’s largest islands. This amazing island has soothing and glorious white sand
    that can please the sea lovers taste and to sit by or just relax by the sand and enjoy
    the water touching the feet. The surfing, snorkeling, kayaking through the waves of
    the sea is what makes it more interesting. You can either run through the sea flying a
    kite or even go to swim down the sea with some adorable turtles on the way to
    accompany you.
  3. CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: – Cape Town in south Africa is the gem and is one of
    the most famous destination for the sea lovers. The most popular amongst them is
    the Boulder beach it offers all the things that a sea lover might expect as it is the
    cleanest and most well-maintained beaches that south Africa has to offer to all the
    sea lovers it gives you an access to the most cute and adorable African penguins and
    to join their daily routine and play with them through the water as well as sand is
    what the most adorable thing to explore on the beach.
  4. BORA BORA, SOCIETY ISLANDS: – These islands are mostly welcomed by in the
    winters. The best time to visit this top destination for the sea lovers is between
    November to April. They are very famous islands for their overwater bungalows,
    scenic turquoise waters and most importantly the marine life is what is worth visiting
    for. Due to the amazing marine life scuba diving through the aquatic life is
    breathtaking as you go through some most beautiful and green marine life and have
    the immense pleasure watching the blue world. This place is also known too be a
    romantic place for the couple’s getaway. This destination is also a getaway for your
    children to get to learn the marine life and play through the white sand.
  1. PHUKET, THAILAND: – Phuket island is the one which almost everyone has heard
    about till now. As it is the most popular and amazing and magical place located in
    Thailand. It is particularly known for its polite hospitality and its peaceful ambience
    and scenic afternoons is what you will always remember. Phuket has some amazing
    blue sandy beaches with an interesting salty sea breezes and all the sand passing
    through your toes, that soothing feels and the healing touch of the water is to be
    enjoyed between February to November. Basically, it is advised to visit the island
    anytime you want to feel the cool sandy breeze.
  2. GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND: – The gold coast goes round covering up about 70k of
    the suffers paradise is what Australia has to offer. The fun and other different
    attractions at gold coast will put a wide smile on everyone’s face when they get to
    do all the entertainment at the sea which starts from endless water slides to cool off
    through the deep sea to the most amazing adventure of fishing deep down the sea is
    what catches the attractions of most of the sea lovers. You will have immense fun
    even if you do whatever you want to because it’s the coast full of entertainments.

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