Accessories that went on trending after used in Bollywood movies.

Bollywood has a great impact on the audience. From the songs, dialogues to what celebrities wore in movies everything is an attraction point. Today let’s have a look at accessories that trend after used in Bollywood movies.

Friendship bands :
‘ Kuch Kuch Hota hai ‘ is a big hit and has set marks for friendship goals. Shah rukh khan as Rahul won many hearts and also marked new trends in the fashion industry. ” friendship band ” is one of them. After the movie, that friendship band went viral and people started expressing their love by gifting each other friendship bands. Not only that but also Shahrukh’s shirt reading “POLO” and his locker marked as “COOL ” was also in trend.

Salman’s bracelet:
‘ tere namm ‘ was a big hit. Salman khan’s role and songs in the movie were just amazing but beyond these things, Salman’s haircut and his bracelet gained lots of popularity. After tere nam, even Salman continued to wear that bracelet, also he gifted it to many people as a gift. People love Salman khan and try to follow his style, though it’s a radhe haircut or that blue bracelet.

Krish mask :
Hritik Roshan starter superhero movie “Krish” is like the superhero of India for many kids. From koi Mil Gaya to Krish, kids loved their superhero. Every child wants superpowers and maybe that’s the reason behind the popularity of the Krish mask.

Friends cap :
“Dosti mein no sorry no thank you! ” we all remember this famous dialogue from Salman khan. The audience loved the innocent friendship between Kusum played by bhagyashree and prem played by Salman. To show his friendship, prem gifted black hat remarked with “friends” to Kusum. And suddenly this becomes a trend and people started gifting each other that cap to show friendship.

Bajrangi bhaijaan locket :
In Bajrangi bhaijaan, Salman khan thought us humanity comes first before any religion. The beautiful bond between bajarangi and small kid Munni. Bajrangi is bhakt of Lord Hanuman and to showcase that he used one locket which set trend. That locket is the perfect combination of elegance and power. People loved that locket and starting wearing it too.

Catholic pendent :
Brother’s movie has highlighted the bond between Akshay Kumar and Siddhartha Malhotra. In that movie, brothers wore catholic pendant which is truly a trendsetter. For those who want to flaunt with simplicity, this locket can be the first choice.

Pk’s helmet :
Pk movie changed our vision. This movie succeeds in showing the true definition of religion. Many people showed strong opposition to the movie despite that movie showed a great performance in terms of a box office number. Many accessories from the film captured the spotlight. Starting from pk’s radio which was also get featured in the movie’s poster. Then pk’s helmet, yellow-colored helmet comes in trend after that as it is classy and beautiful. Rudraksha mala wore by air khan was also an attraction between fans.

Dabang shades :
No doubt, Salman Khan is a trendsetter. He always sets trends and his fans them with love. Dabang is blockbuster series and Salman khan shows his dabangiri in every possible aspect from his acting to action to his moves. His shades in the are one of the dabang things. Dabang always features a song that includes the word ” Naina” ( eyes) and Salman khan never misses a chance to show off his shades.

Shahrukh’s lungi :
” Chennai Express” is a superior film directed by Rohit Shetty. Deepika Padukone impressed everyone with her acting skill and Shahrukh flaunts away attention with his lungi look. Fans get crazy over his look and tried at home too.

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