Where are all of you planning your next trip to? You don’t have to think much over this
question because this blog is surely going to help you with your destination planning. The
destination for the trip is going to be to the paradise of islands you should surely visit to
experience the excitement, adventure, white sandy-beaches, peace and sanity altogether at
one place itself. Relaxing and enriching you soul throughout the trip is what will fulfill your
travel dreams to the amazing and beautiful islands.

PALWAN, PHILIPPINES: – It is a stunning archipelago and has also ben ranked as one
of the most beautiful islands in all over the world several times. Discovering the
amazing link of islands by trying out the famous things like diving, hiking, snorkeling
into the beaches and also enjoy the fishing alongside the sandy-white beaches. It is
known to be the best tropical travel destination in the Southeast Asia. It is covered
with some amazing lush green forests alongside the islands making it incredible to
✓ MALDIVES: – Maldives is located in the Indian ocean, known to be the meticulous
group of islands. In other words, it’s just a tropical paradise on earth itself. The
islands have abundant things to offer for the visitors starting from the white sandy-
beaches, turquoise clear waters and an amazing aqua life experience by discovering
the marine life underwater through the naked eyes by diving and snorkeling through
the marine life is the best experience. Along with it the islands also offer luxurious
beach facing villas and resorts for comfortable and amazing living experience
throughout your trip. Maldives is the most preferred destination by many all over the
world due to its numerous offerings.

FRENCH POLYNESIA: – It is known to be a group of small volcanic islands located in
the South of Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most stunning islands on the earth. The
tepid transparent water and the sandy-white beaches is what enriches the soul and
relaxing alongside the beaches is the most amazing thing to do. Apart from that we
can go diving into the clear waters of the beach and snorkeling through the marine
life and explore every part inside the water is incredible. Its just another paradise to
be explores within.
✓ SEYCHELLES: – It lies off the coast of East Africa and has formed a wonderful
archipelago of staggering 115 islands wherein the they feature the beautiful idyllic
beaches and the crystalline clear blue waters. The things to be explored in these
islands are snorkeling through the marine life and taking the adventurous tours
through the private boats and experiencing the beauty of the islands. This destination
highly preferred and recommended destination for the honeymooners to enjoy their
trip to the fullest.
✓ SANTORINI, GREECE: – Santorini islands are the most famous islands in Greece. It
combines some amazing beaches, ancient cities, beautiful volcanic landscapes, along
with it the islands offer some delicious local food and wine for the visitors. The island
is shaped by the ancient volcanic eruptions and home to the mythical lost city of
Atlantis. It has whitewashed blue dome houses with churches along the cliffside. The

best things to do is to discover the historical ruins of the city and enjoy along side the
beaches gulping down the delicacies of the city.

HAWAII, USA: – Hawaii is the most popular archipelago with its breath-taking
beauty, its pristine beaches and scenic views makes is a perfect paradise destination
for all the travelers. The islands offer surfing, watching dolphins by the sunset,
snorkeling apart from this the most awaited experience is of flying a helicopter
through the blue lit sky alongside the birds while exploring the beautiful landscapes.
You can also enjoy the stargazing at night alongside the beach and indeed make it a
unique experience and a wonderful trip.
✓ CORSICA, FRANCE: – The beaches over here are known to be most stylish beaches
with a serene nature and picturesque villages making the island the first choice of
many travelers. The holidays over here are the most relaxing in the Mediterranean
Sea. The unique thing that you can explore over these islands is Canyoning a hybrid
sport which includes everything right from climbing to swimming apart from that you
can engage yourself in some amazing water sports, hiking and many other exciting
activities as well making it a trip worth remembering.
so here’s a list of some amazing islands from which you have to decide which one is
going to be dream travel destination.

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