The first word which comes to the mind when we say cheap markets. The endless wholesale
shopping through the endless markets through the streets bargaining to the ebb till we get a
desired rate of the product we like. The fun of the continuous bargaining through each shop
is a different experience which you only get to explore in such markets. India is a well-known
hub for such variety of markets all over the world for its unique style and culture varying
according to the states which we visit to. The tourist from all over the world are smitten by
the variety of choices from clothing to ornaments available in the markets for super-cheap
prices which anyone of us can afford and indeed make a style statement out of it. A Deja-vu
of such markets is what everyone enjoys and love to come back again and again for the
endless shopping sprees. To experience some of the amazing markets in India which are
indeed the hotspots among all the cheap markets. Let’s take glance through some of them
mentioned below: –

    Crawford market of Mumbai is also known by the name Jyotiba Phule market which
    is almost spread across 72000 sq. yards established in 1869 right from then it is
    known to be the bustling and huge market with numerous hoarders and unique item
    collectors. Once you enter the market it is nearly impossible that you won’t buy a
    single thing. It’s a ritual that once you enter the market you have to exit with hand
    full of different shopping bags. Starting the list from the imported chocolates,
    groceries, cosmetics, perfumes, street clothing, household accessories, unique
    articles, variety of apparels, jewelry and what not and everything at the most
    reasonable and cheap price. It is the messiah of the wholesale and haggling market
    in India. Heaps of stock arrive everyday from overseas and gets sold the same day. If
    some merchant or businessman want to try their luck out here, they will surely gain
    truckloads of profit.
    Hustling and bustling within the happening lanes of Chandni chowk in Delhi is what
    you will witness 24*7. It is a paradise for the wholesalers and the shoppers which are
    attracted to this market from all over the world. Also, this market has been the
    beloved part of the film industries as many movies like Hindi medium and Chandni
    chowk to china have been shot in this famous Delhi market to highlight the diversity
    of the Delhi culture. Its affordable street shopping, designer labels, traditionally made
    handicrafts which are literally very delicate and most wanted along with the silver
    jewelry and trinkets which has most of the attention from all the females. Ranging
    from small town merchants to big business man’s everyone has their handful of
    shops in this happening lane earning them the fortune.
    When someone hears about Jaipur all you think of is the traditional culture and
    Indian style at its best. The one with shopping obsession would be easily attracted to
    this amazing bazaar with the following things on the list: –
    • Jewelry with intricate mirror works on it.

• Tie and die works
• Delicate and flawless embroideries
• Rajasthani handicrafts and its well-known traditional mojaris which are world
famous and have a huge attraction.
• Other handmade goods like home décor and furnishing items for the interior
of the house along with the soft and comfy cushions and covers with intricate
• And the most exquisite Rajaais to keep you all warm even in freezing
This is the specialty of this bazaar and have an attraction from all over for
these unique designs which you wouldn’t be able to explore in any other
country. So, it’s a must visit to this bazaar for the shopaholics.

    Kolkata is famous for its sarees and its well-known terracotta sculptures, it’s called as
    the city of jolly which is full of items which will make your jaws drop due to its
    amazing scope of bargaining and wholesale prices available in every possible item.
    Among the popular items are the: –
    • Amazing sarees
    • Clothing materials
    • Handicrafts and household items and local source food items having a great
    attraction for it.
    With the small-town merchants having full scope to set up the business in this
    chaotic and happening market of Kolkata.
    Hazratganj is known to be the central spot for shopping in Lucknow also known as
    the Nawabi city. As its history dates back to British era in India. Due to its Victorian
    architecture, there is a huge tourist attraction from all over the world. The most
    famous Chikankari work is the most famous as there are varieties of kurtas and
    salwar’s available in this work. Also, the Mughal style handicrafts and other
    handmade crafts. Unlike other markets this market is famous for its literary landmark
    due to its widespread collection of books that date back decades history. Along with
    it you can also indulge your foody mood into some delicious delicacies of Lucknow.
    The most famous road of Pune which got its name due to the college present on the
    road i.e., Fergusson college. The most hustling place in Pune is known for its amazing
    lane of street shopping of every possible thing you might think of at the most
    reasonable and affordable rates. With bargaining at its best with the shoppers its
    known for its cheap apparels, clothing from short to long, colorful to whites to every
    type, silver ornaments, jewelry, hats and many more. Other than that, the road is
    famous for its famous food and its hotels like Vaishali, Wadeshwar, good luck café
    known for some most delicious delicacies. Along with that its also a famous spot for
    the katas of college students known for as their hangout spots.
    So don’t forget to explore these amazing cheap markets of India.

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