Mainly when it comes to travelling and exploring different parts of the world, there is
a huge list of countries and destinations that come in to consideration because travel
is not our hobby but more of a way of life. While deciding on to the countries on
priority to be travelled there are many aspects like thorough research, smart
planning, advance booking which needs to be thought over. But in so many aspects
the main aspect on which the destination entirely depends on is the budget of the
whole trip and according to which the cost of the particular country or destination is
considered. Every traveler always has a budget which can be planned in an
affordable and at reasonable rate. So according to it the countries to be visited are
decided. Many decide onto international travels but the national countries are also
way more delightful as the others that too in less expense and more fun. So, to decide
onto countries which cost much lesser and have some amazing places to discover and
offer everything at reasonable rates then let’s take a look at some of the dream
countries which are way cheaper than you might have thought to travel and explore
each aspect about them: –

  1. NEPAL
    Hearing the name itself gives us the idea of the mighty Himalayas
    surrounding the beautiful country around its arms with snow-clad mountains
    and streams flowing across them. Nepal is known for its yaks, yetis, big
    monasteries and its magic. Due to it’s surrounding the country offers extreme
    serenity and calm away from the monotonous hard-working city life that we
    go through. Mostly for the people who like adventures this country offers
    adrenaline rush that too without thinking of the expenses. Thinking of the
    accommodations a decent hotel in Nepal costs between INR 1000 to 2000
    which is very affordable.
    ACTIVITIES TO DO: – there are many historic rich temples in the famous cities
    of Kathmandu and Pokhara and to the addition they have free entries. The
    most attraction of this country is to the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest. A
    trek to its base camp is worth trying when you travel to Nepal.
    PLACES TO SEE: – The Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Dakshinkali temple, Lumbini,
    Boudhanath Stupa, Devi falls, Siddhi Gufa, Hanuman Dhoka are the variety of
    places to visit in Nepal.
    FOOD COST PER DAY: – meals in Nepal range from INR 500 onwards
    depending on the cuisine and the place you select.
    Bhutan is known to be the happiest country in the world. Listening to this
    what more do you expect apart from all the anxiety and stress that we
    experience is our daily life. So, exploring the happiest country with peace and
    tranquility on the top. Also known for its wonderful natural beauty and vast
    spread terrains the country is full of peaceful places to visits with home stays
    charging from INR 1500/ night to decent hotels cost around INR2000.

ACTIVITIES TO DO: – Cultural tours, Local sightseeing, Himalayan tours and
treks, adventurous sports, religious tours, wildlife tours are among the many
in Bhutan.
PLACES TO SEE: – Phuentsholing, Thimpu, Punakha Dzong, Haa valley,
Trongsa, ringpung dzong and along with it the culture of Bhutan is what
attracts the most.
FOOD COSTS: – a meal would cost you between Rs. 100 to Rs.400 depending
on the hotels and are the cheapest food rates you would get.

    One of the neighboring countries of India, Sri lanka offers a wide range pocket
    friendly options and places to be explored and enjoyed at the same time
    without worrying about the expense at all. Sri lanka is known for its amazing
    and serene beaches and lip-smacking cuisines and also very popular for its
    connection to the mythology of Ramayana, which indeed makes it the place
    to be visited as it has many things to offer.
    ACOMMODATION COST: – we can either choose the hostels or the hotels and
    Airbnb and reduce the per day cost to almost INR 700-1000 per night.
    ACTIVITIES/THINGS TO DO: – Heritage tours, religious visits to the well-known
    temples from the Ramayana era, art & culture tours, water adventure sports
    in the beaches, plantation visits and wildlife exploration are what some of the
    things you might enjoy.
    PLACES TO VIEW: – some of the places to be explored having an attraction are
    Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Matara, Panduwasnuwara, Kirinda, Kataragama with
    their unique names have a huge attraction.
    FOOD COSTS: – INR 300-1000 is the cheapest that you would ever spend on
    food in Sri lanka depending on the place you choose.
    Transportation costs around INR 120 onwards if you travel by trains and less
    than that if you choose buses for travel.
    It’s perfect combination of the ultra-modern cityscape with rich culture and
    heritage, wealthy royal palaces along with the historic ruins is the go-to place
    for everyone seeking a cheaper visit to the country which has so much to
    PER DAY STAY COST: – the accommodation cost from INR 1200 and above
    depending upon the facilities the hotel has to offer and the area which you
    select to stay in.
    ACTIVITIES TO DO: – Local shopping, floating market tour, elephant tourism is
    the famous attraction among the water sports, treks and the dazzling night
    parties are the major things to be discovered once you land in Thailand.
    PLACES TO SEE: – This are some of the places which might leave you
    speechless by its timeless beauty like Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket, Phi Phi islands,
    chiang mai, Phangan are the most popular spots all over the world and
    attracts a lot of tourists.

COST OF FOOD AND TRANSPORT PER DAY: – just for the knowledge you get the
cheapest beer for almost less than INR 150 and the street food will not cost you
more than INR 200 per dish which is the lowest rate among all that Thailand
along with great taste of the food. The transportation cost ranges from INR 40 in
small cities and INR 200 in the islands offering you some cheap getaways to such
wonderful places without a doubt.

    The most famous and sort after islands of Maldives are beautiful and the
    exotic locations on the whole islands makes us spellbound by its beauty and
    serenity. As a country Maldives is one of the cheapest travels and has so much
    to offer for the travelers a from around the world. All you have to do is a little
    bit of research and planning.
    PER DAY STAY COST: – You can easily get the guesthouses ranging from INR
    1500 and above per night. But in 2009, the Maldives government started
    giving permission to locals to start their own guesthouses which entirely
    changed the tourism pattern by making it more flexible and affordable for the
    people looking for the cheapest stay in Maldives.
    ACTIVITIES TO DO: – Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Submarine tour is the one
    which has more attractions due to its uniqueness and the amazing experience
    that they give underwater which is indeed memorable and a must visit in
    PLACES TO SEE: – Velligandu beach island, atoll transfer, alimatha island,
    hukuruu miskiiy Hulu male, Maldives’ victory, etc. are the places to be
    explored when you reach Maldives.
    COST OF FOOD AND TRANSPORTATION: – The local restaurants are very
    affordable and cheap with dishes ranging between INR 60 to 120.
    Here the transportation includes the ferries which take you to different places
    or the other option being the domestic flights which costs around INR 70 for
    20minutes ride which are enjoyable.
    These are some of the countries which you must visit and offer cheaper prices
    than India in every aspect and also has many amazing things and places to

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