Sustainability is the only known future of the human kind. So let it be in any field of life, the
sustainability goal has to be achieved and swear by everyone. Owing to this sustainability
there are many sustainable goals formed by different environment related agreements. Now
let’s understand what do you really mean by sustainability? In simple words sustainability
means green and eco-friendly with respect to the nature. There are many schemes and
certifications related to the sustainability of the environment while doing any work. The
most famous is the Paris Agreement made for meeting the sustainable goals in the near
future to save earth from the climate change. Apart from that LEED certification in US, green
tourism business schemes in UK and many more on the counting.
Talking about the sustainability in the travel sectors you should always plan for a vacation
which will reduce the environmental impact by incorporating small steps which contribute to
the earth-friendly lifestyle while traveling. Adopting to the sustainable ways by starting with
small changes like ‘slow travel’ where in you visit few destinations on one trip but stay a
longer period of time at each place. Other than you can reuse the items leftover on the travel
hotels and use them next time without creating unwanted waste. Reusing the bottles,
leftover soaps and shampoos, bags, and skip the hotel products altogether. After collecting
all these products, you can give it away to the homeless shelter. These are just some ideas
towards the greener travel goals. Now let’s read some sustainable travel tips: –
• Look out for the GREEN hotels or tour operators. The travelers who plan on to a
vacation always check if the accommodations and the tour planners you choose are
following the sustainable norms and greener paths. Always ask the travel agent
about the eco-friendly ways that they follow.
• Choice of the transport while traveling is also important to think on. While traveling
to the destinations look out for the transports which do not contribute to the carbon
emissions in the environment. This include the CNG vehicles or cycles which help
along while traveling.
• While deciding onto a destination for the vacation look out if they support the local
community i.e, economically, environmentally, and culturally. This enhances the
sustainability and also follows the greener paths altogether.
• GREEN hotels means that they are entirely committed to the environments and its
related certifications and schemes. The eco-friendly practices include the recycling
program, solar power, energy efficient lighting, garbage disposal and use of
ecologically organic products to avoid the consumption of the harmful chemicals.
• While staying at the hotel don’t change the towels or the other toiletry products
during your stay at different hotels. Always reuse them at every location creating less
waste. While travelling don’t use the plastic products like water bottles, plastic bags.
Always go for reusable steel bottles and paper bags which will avoid plastic garbage
and disposal. Whatever waste is generated during travel collect it throughout and
then recycle it properly. Also make sure make less use of AC, TV and lights and even if
you do don’t forget to switch them off responsibly while you leave the room.

Travel during off season when there are no tourists or crowd of people to avoid over-
crowding at the destination. Wherein the crowding of the people at the destination
will indeed add up to everything from waste, pollution, over crowding and many
more aspects.
• Make use of organic and natural products when on a trip. Organic sunscreens,
shampoos and soaps go a long way keeping the skin and hair perfect without any
• Buy local and use local and don’t buy products made from endangered animals. Even
if they loom attractive in the long run they add to the damage of the environment as
well as of our bodies.
• Visit the local national parks, monuments, museums, mountains, rivers and valleys to
experience the true nature and also the travelers get to know the importance of
conservation of the wildlife and nature altogether.
Following the sustainable goals towards the future is what the long term goal is
about and we surely have to abide by it to keep our environment greener and safe.

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