Reasons why sidnazz seen trending

Bigg boss is a well famous reality show which recently completed its 14 seasons with the winner Rubina dilaik. This show is based on a theme where many celebrities live inside one house for three months and shows their personality to the audience and lastly, Janata decides who is capable to lift the trophy. This show is gaining so much love from the audience since its very first season but when questions about which season was so popular then everyone agrees on season 13.

Well, what was the reason season 13 is still in the buzz? Then people say the friendship between asim and Sidharth, a controversy between Rashmi and Sidharth, love angle between paras and Mahira but mainly everybody loved the hot and bubbly chemistry between Sidharth and Shahnaz which is #sidnaaz
Sidharth Shukla, everyone knows this handsome hunk from the entertainment industry. He is tall, aggressive, and has a deadly combination of his marvelous smile and on this side here’s Panjab ki Katrina kaif ” Shehnaaz gill ” who is cute, funny, and the main attraction point of the show. Both are opposite to each other, but when they come together they make wonderful pair. Maybe that’s why fans started this hashtag sidnaaz..which is the combination of Sidharth and shehnaaz during Bigg boss 13.

When shehnaaz entered the house, she cherished everyone by her personality. Whereas our hero was busy sorting out his cold war with his ex costar Rashmi Desai but soon Shehnaaz and Sidharth became good friends. The audience had seen them doing Masti together and that’s what fans loved about them. Sidnaaz called herself “flipper” and used to change her side during the season. As initially, she was ba it attracted towards paras chakra who already has an image of desi playboy. But every time paras chose majors over Shehnaaz, made choice clear for Shehnaaz. But soon, after a big fight between Sidharth and asim, paras played his master card and became a close friend of Sidharth. The new squad of Sidharth, Shehnaaz, paras, and Mahira sets a new friendship goal. During the show, Vikas Gupta mainly known as the mastermind of season 11 came as a proxy of devoleena Bhattacharya and he is the one who told Shehnaaz and Sidharth about this hashtag #sidnaaz and the way fans showering love on both of them.

Shehnaaz and Sidharth both were focused on the game. however, Shehnaaz was a bit emotional towards Sidharth. That somehow she became more possessive and toxic towards Sidharth coming it as she is emotionally attached to him. On the family weekend, Shahnaz’s father ad iced her to focus on the game as she has a high chance of winning the show. But between heart and mind, shehnaaz chose a heart. And always being the backbone for Sidharth. The funniest incident of them was, during a final episode where everyone was busy getting ready. Sidharth spotted clearing doubts in shehnaaz’s mind. Everyone loved their cute nokzok.
Even after the season, the couple spotted together at many places which is why they were always in news. On the show, related to shehnaz ka swayanwar…Sidharth amazed everyone with his surprise guest appearance. They worked on one song project “shonashona”, in which their chemistry won everyone’s heart.

In biggboss 14, Sidharth came as toofani senior. During one segment, when guahar khan was teasing him he cleared "I have a girlfriend at home" hearing this guahar showed happiness for both of them. Netizens took this point and created a flood of tweets trending sidnaaz.

Many times this rumored couple spotted together at the airport and through social media, they always seem to praise each other. Recently, on the actress’s birthday, she shared one video on Instagram, in which it is very clear she was enjoying her birthday with Sidharth and her family. Fans love the cute bond they both share, and fans always try to trend sidnaaz.

Even after the one year of Bigg boss, Sidharth’s and shehnaaz’s name comes in first and second rank respectively on the most searched name from tv industry.
Later on, they cleared they are just good friends but never opposed their fans respecting fan’s feelings. And as usual, fans showered their love by trending Shehnaaz every time. Asking about plans, Shehnaaz is getting many offers for music albums and she is busy doing that and as of now, she is not thinking about commitment. Sidharth is soon will be seen in broken but beautiful season 2 which is the sequence of alt Balaji’s original web series and talking about marriage plans he is not ready yet!
Recently, one photoshopped picture of sidnaaz went viral in which laal sindoor was on Shehnaaz’s forehead showing as shehnaz and Sidharth are married. But lately, it comes as it was just one fan’s wish, now it just matters of the fact how seriously both of them take fans’ wish?

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