10 of the best and luxurious stay hotels in Rajasthan

Rajasthan the word itself suggests the grandeur and the royalty of the palaces, resorts and
the hotels for those who are seeking the stay-ins somewhere beautiful as well as amazing
with the centuries old restored havelis, forts giving the visitors the most historical scenic
views to enjoy as well as the luxury palaces of the well-known and the hustling cities of
Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur to the outer parts of the deserts. Rajasthan has a wide ray of
hotels to offer to the visitors to enjoy the most awaited hospitality of the royalty. So, let’s
take a look at the 10 of the best and luxurious hotels in Rajasthan: –

  1. THE TAJ LAKE PALACE HOTEL: The gem which is located in the city named Udaipur in
    Rajasthan is also known as the floating palace. The taj lake palace hotel is splendid in
    itself forbearing the ancient heritage through its well-crafted designs carved into the
    white marbles making the façade look preciously regal and well balanced just in the
    center of the Lake Pichola. The arrival of the visitors is to be treated as the guests of
    Maharana’s guest and are cordially welcomed with utmost grandeur and taken
    across the lake with their private boats showering upon them the love through the
    rose petals with a melodious rhythm of the flutes enchanting the visitors with the
    rhythmic air welcoming them.
  2. THE UMAID BHAWAN PALACE HOTEL: – The royal highness is situated in the
    localities of Jodhpur city displaying immense grandeur which is indeed one of the
    most well-known legacy vintage hotels. Concerning the legacy, the magnificent piece
    is named after the Maharaja Umaid Singh and carried on since. As the content
    suggests vintage the whole palace goes back to their maharaja’s era and is delicately
    carved into a majestic palace hotel offering acres of manicured gardens with plush
    green tress with a beautiful essence. Starting from the luxurious rooms, restaurants,
    amenities, pampering at the plush spas to the art and photo gallery the palace is a
    literal package which no one should actually miss out on.
  3. RAAS DEVIGARH: – Raas devigarh is quite a peaceful oasis which is only a ride of
    45min from Udaipur. As it is nestled in the Aravalli hills the surrounding of the hotel
    gives the visitors the much-needed scenic view of the beauty of the hill-top as well all
    the tranquility and peace along with hot tubs and the swimming pools which
    compliments along with the environment giving a complete relaxation to the visitors.
    The heritage is built back ranging to the 18th century which is indeed a best choice.
  4. SUJAN’S JAWAI LEOPARD CAMP: -As the itself suggests this camp is indeed different
    from other expected hotels keeping the visitors in awe. The unwavering access to the
    rural parts of Rajasthan opening the camp into the wilderness of the actual leopards
    and other exotic wildlife gives the camp different attraction. The guests are provided
    with the most comfortable luxury tents designed with most comfortable beds, en
    suite bathrooms and the other pre-requisites.
  5. SUJAN’S RAJMAHAL PALACE HOTEL: – Along with Sujan’s camp they also a rajmahal
    palace hotel which is highly exquisite palace built 250years back located in Jaipur.
    The palace hotel is destination-worthy hotel for the visitors to opt for. The majestic
    palace has a delicately designed decorum with huge marble staircases and the
    enlightening chandeliers hanging all around the palace giving a glittery look to the

grandeur, providing the guests with luxurious rooms as well as dine-ins and to enjoy
the on-site bars along with all the amenities.

  1. AMANBAGH HOTEL:- Situated in the greenery of the Aravalli hills and the ruins of the
    Ajabgarh fort, if someone is in the pursuit of getting a break from the sparkling city
    life then the Aman Bagh hotel is the best choice to opt as it provides you with the
    peace and serenity of the hills complimenting it with their specialty of the Ayurvedic
    treatments , yoga classes as well as the self-enriching meditation sessions giving the
    guests the best self-pamper package along with a scenic view to be enjoyed.
  2. CHHATRA SAGAR HOTEL: – Now let’s take a look that were does the chattra sagar
    hotel stands out from other city hotels as to we see the localities of the hotel the
    guests are most welcomed to the high end, en-suite tents overlooking the century old
    dams, as the dams surround the entire hotel the guest are sure to wake up to a view
    full of watery heavens and melodious bird chirpings.
  3. THE OBEROI UDAIVILAS: – As the name itself suggests that the grandeur provides
    guests specially to mention the couples the best expected villas. Situated on the edge
    of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. The royal stunning hotel provides the most eye-catching
    views through the romantic sunset boat rides through the city along with relaxing
    spa sessions and many more luxuries to enjoy for.
  4. RAMBAGH PALACE HOTEL: – As it is called by the name itself to ne the Jaipur’s Ram
    Bagh palace hotel it’s the palace designed with the Rajput’s decorum style along with
    a heritage look to finish with. In this palace the guests are indeed are welcomed in
    different and royal way greeting them with decorated horses, elephants and camels
    placing a wide smile on the visitor’s face. There are numerous dine-in lounge bars
    specially suited in a historic steam engine which attracts a lot of attention, and to go
    for a guided walk through the historic grounds.
  5. RAAS JODHPUR: – The most stylish hotels that Jodhpur has to offer is in the blue city.
    The hotel has a different appearance to the sightseeing og the breezes passing as the
    rooftop is an icing on the sugar giving the best views through the hotel of the
    Mehrangarh fort. The hotel stay is kind of a boutique stay along with flairs of
    designs, heated outdoor pools and spas.

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